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Two Tone Furniture: Barely Pink & Original Wood Finish

This two tone furniture project combines the original wood finish and barely pink, almost white paint. The contrast is lovely. I wasn’t sure how  it would turn out but as I say, “You can always repaint”. This is a full project tutorial from cleaning to prepping to cleaning hardware to painting. Enjoy.

Barely Pink Furniture And A Bit Of The Original Finish

The chest of drawers has a slightly curved front, lovely details, and the original hardware.

chest of drawers before makeover

This is how it looked before. I know a number of you wanted me to refinish the chest, no paint. There were too many issues with the finish so I decided to paint. Sorry.

putting the back on

The back of the chest was coming off and the staple gun didn’t do the trick so I had to pull out the drill and a few screws.

trying to get odor of of furniture

The chest was really stinky. There was a little bit of white mold in the drawers and the body of the chest. It must have been stored in a damp area. Some furniture odors I can deal with especially with these older pieces but not this odor. I vacuumed and cleaned with simple green but it still smelled. I placed all the pieces out in the sun for two days…and it still smelled.

Next I rubbed it down with vinegar. It still smelled only now it smelled like mold…..and vinegar.

Febreeze helped get the odor out of my furniture

My next option was to spray it with Febreze. I just started using this product recently with very good results as far as household odors. This isn’t a sponsored post for Febreze. I’m just sharing a product I love. I gets rid of odors in the air it doesn’t just cover them up.

So, “Why not try it on my furniture.” I had nothing to lose. I refused to paint the chest until I got rid of the odor. I sprayed the drawers and the body of the chest inside and out. Then I let it set for several days while I was out of town. It worked. The musty, moldy odor is gone.

Glidden Gripper Primer tinted gray

Time to get to work. I primed the chest with Glidden Gripper Primer tinted gray. I thought the reddish wood finish might bleed through the paint but I didn’t notice any bleeding.

filling holes with wood putty

I filed several holes on the top with wood putty. One reason I didn’t consider refinishing the chest is because the top was laminated. Also someone had nailed the top down in places. That was the cause of most of the holes.

mixing paint colors

You guys know I’ve been trying to use the paint I have instead of buying new. I found the pink paint in my stash and it was a little too pinky pink. I added the off-white oops sample pot to the pink. The final paint finish is very, very, light pink or as I like to call it “Barely Pink”.

one coat of paint

I applied one coat of primer and two coats of Barely Pink.

Bar Keepers Friend for cleaning vintage brass hardware

After painting it was time to work on the hardware. I pulled out the Bar Keepers Friend and the JTS (aka hubby, aka, Junktion Technical Specialist) cleaned the hardware. We tried Brasso first but that didn’t work at all.

cleaning brass hardware

I’m glad he did the job because it took a long while and a lot of patience. The hardware had aged well.

toothbrush for cleaning fine details

A toothbrush comes in handy for this job.

restoring the original finish with Howards Feed n Wax

While he cleaned the brass hardware I shined the two top drawers with Howard’s Feed n Wax. The original finish on the small top drawers was basically scratch free. I wasn’t sure how the two tone furniture project would turn out but I could always paint the two drawers.

distessing the details on painted furniture

Next I distressed the paint by hand with 100 grit sandpaper. The distressing is very light and just on the raised details and edges of the drawers.

Two Tone Furniture Barely Pink & Original Wood Finish

Once all the hardware was in place and all of the drawers I took a step back and smiled. Then I did the happy dance. I think the two tone furniture look works. At least for this piece.

vintage furniture hardware cleaned up with Barkeepers friend

The newly cleaned brass hardware is sooooo shiny! And the original wood finish pops against the barely pink paint.

distressed paint for pretty pink chest

It may be hard to see the pink tint of the paint in these photos. I should have held a bit of white paper up to the paint so you could see the contrast.

And that’s my project for today. What do you think? Should I have refinished it even with the laminated top and damaged areas or do you like the new look?

Let me know your thoughts and have a great day. Kathy

Click the links below to view products used in this project:
Bar Keepers Friend
Elmer’s Wood Filler
Glidden Gripper Primer – Home Depot
Febreze – Linen
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Two Tone Furniture project with paint and original wood finish by Petticoat Junktion

Kathy Owen founder of Petticoat Junktion
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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Hey Kathy!
    You are my pick for ROCKSTAR project this week on Creativity Unleashed! <3

  2. You did a beautiful job. You always know the right thing to do to bring out the best in a piece.

  3. I really like the top drawers left natural….great contrast. Always looking for ideas for a piece that I need to do.

  4. Me like!! It looks so classy ad unique that it would fit in many decor situations.

  5. And I see your glider getting a paint job, too looking forward to seeing how that turns out!

  6. Oh my gosh !!! I love this! Probably my most favorite piece you’ve done. Love to have it!!

  7. Love it! Great make over. Thanks for sharing your techniques. Love learning how to re-purpose, re-use and recycle.

  8. Not a fan of the two-tone, but I really love the brass handles! The paint is a lovely color.

  9. HI, Diane. In the photo, her husband has his hand on the liquid version of Bar Keepers Friend he used on that hardware. It also can be found in powdered form. It works on all types of clean ups in the house & cleaning vintage items. I love it for scouring dirty old pottery & china. It takes utensil marks off dishes for me.

  10. I like the 2 time look. It turned out great. Did you put a sealer or anything over the pink paint?

  11. This combination is truly beautiful and very original. Your very hard work was certainly worth it – a complete transformation. I envy you for having this piece.

  12. Fabreeze huh! Must remember this for my next stinky piece. Love the stained and painted look. I can see this barely pink dresser going into a lucky girl’s room or feminine bedroom. Very pretty – pinned.

  13. I think painting it was the best way to go. I like the two-tone look but I would want something else in the room in the same or similar wood tone to the drawers. Love the slight curve on the drawers!

  14. I love it and especially the 2 top drawers left with the wood color. The hardware is my absolute favorite style and JT did it proud.

  15. As always, to me, your work is always so right, so on touch with each furniture piece you do, that you always amaze me with your talent! I call you the “Furniture Whisperer” because it seems like you and whatever piece you are doing seem to communicate to each other. The piece is beautiful and the two tone is perfect!!!

  16. I love painted wood furniture! Yes, I know you might be de-valuing the piece but I don’t buy antiques. I buy the stuff that people are throwing out or selling cheap, cheap, cheap. That way I can do what I want with them
    The combinations with paint are endless and you can make a piece shine by bringing out it’s personality and your own. So kudos to you!!! It looks great!

  17. Could you tell me exactly what was used for cleaning the hardware? I enlarged the pic with your hubby and it looks like Brasso. But you said something about bar keepers friend. Thanks!

  18. Kathy, You did it Again! What a wonderful unique piece of furniture. I think this one should be in my House!