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Cover Chair Seats With Drop Cloths

Cover chair seats with drop cloths for an easy, stylish, and inexpensive update.

I love it when a project comes together as I envisioned. That doesn’t always happen. The beautiful white chairs with the drop cloth seats make me smile.

Easy Drop Cloth DIY Idea For Covering Fabric Chair Seats

Painting a chair and recovering the fabric seat produces the most dramatic furniture transformation with the least amount of work than any other type of furniture makeover. At least that’s my opinion.

How about a fun and easy drop cloth diy idea? Cover chair seats with drop cloths for an easy, stylish, and inexpensive update.

drop cloth DIY idea – cover chair seats

Nothing prettier than white distressed paint either. The chairs are gorgeous now but they sure didn’t start out that way.


Drop cloths are inexpensive and this one was $6.99 at Harbor Freight. The size is 4’x12′. Plenty big enough for this project with some left over.


yucky chairs

The chairs were a thrifty find. I love this style of chair….when it is painted….not as it is now. The cane back looks so pretty with a little paint and distressing.white shabby chic distressed chairs and drop cloth seats

Don’t look like the same chairs at all do they. Distressing painted furniture is a favorite technique of mine. I am knows as the “Queen of Distressing”.

Just a few minutes with a piece of sandpaper adds character to a hum drum flat look paint job. I distressed the chairs by hand using 100 grit sandpaper.

How about a fun and easy drop cloth diy idea? Cover chair seats with drop cloths for an easy, stylish, and inexpensive update.

Beyond Paint in Off-White was my paint choice for this project. The paint is a 3 in one product, primer, paint and sealer. The neutral color drop cloth looks great with off-white paint, or with any paint. Very durable too.

Can you believe these are the same chairs? See what I mean about dramatic results with just a little work. This project didn’t take any time at all to complete. You can find another of my drop cloth seat projects here and it’s a doozy.

white shabby chic table and chairs with drop cloth seats

 I paired the chairs with the Up-Cycled Table I painted a couple of weeks ago.

Easy Drop Cloth Idea For Covering Fabric Chair Seats

The table is one the JTS put together for me from reclaimed parts.

I bought the countertop or table top or whatever from the Nashville Flea Market a few months ago. I knew I would find a base for it eventually.

Projects, Petticoat Junktion

And I did. The table base came from My Favorite Junk Shop. I kind of thought it would be a good match for the top stored in the workshop. The little board at the top of the base is for stability. It was a lot on the warped side.

Projects, Petticoat Junktion

The JTS cut a new board to replace the warped one.

Projects, Petticoat Junktion

All put together and ready to be painted. Someone had to putty a hole in the tabletop…….um, just a little off on the first drill.
White Shabby Table, Petticoat Junktion

I painted the table to go with the newly painted chairs with the drop cloth seats. They are perfect together! I distressed the table using an electric sander. I went to town with that thing. I love distressed paint!

drop cloth idea

I took the table and chairs to my booth yesterday.Hope they sell fast.

Want to know how to update a bunch of home decor items at once? Gather all the items you want painted the same color an go for it. Here’s a video showing you how….

Paint And Distress Home Decor – Big Time
white shabby chic table and chairs with drop cloth seats

Easy Drop Cloth DIY Idea For Covering Fabric Chair Seats

I keep pinning drop cloth projects and some of them are really cool. This is my first. I’m definitely going to use drop cloths again in a diy project. Maybe as curtains?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Kathy

Kathy Owen founder of Petticoat Junktion
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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Also it’s easy to paint the cane backs just don’t overload your brush and do more of a dry brushing until you get the coverage you are looking for. If the brush is too full of paint it will clump up in the open areas of the cane. Hope this helps.

  2. I’ve noticed colors do vary depending on the brand of drop cloth. I’ve never see one’s that are really white though. I do wash it before using it on furniture projects. The paint stays on the cane without any problem!

  3. Beautiful job! I was wondering about how well the paint stays on the cane part of the chairs? Did you seal them with something like wax or hemp oil?
    I love that you used drop cloth too bcover the chairs!
    Do you wash your drop cloth before you use it?
    I just noticed that there were lots of questions about the color of your drop cloth.
    I have an antique bench that has a cane back and I’ve really been wanting too Paint it but I’ve never painted it before, got any advice?
    Thank you

  4. It’s mind blowing what paint can do when the right person is behind it, and being very creative. I love what you did to these chairs, fabulous! The dropcloth you used to recover your seats is amazing. Your table bottom and top was a great find. Outstanding results

  5. The chairs look fabulous, Kathy. I tell you, white paint is a miracle-maker on so many things. Hope the chairs and table sell quickly for you!

  6. All looks so lovely. I am interested in finding out how well the paint stays on the cane backs over time and use. Seems like the flex of them when used would cause the paint to fall of so want to know.

  7. What a super project, you did a great job!
    I have never painted with that paint before, do you think it would work on 2 wicker chairs I have?
    Thanks for your ideas.
    Bette from British Columbia

  8. Have you ever tried to use a drop cloth as chair covers/slipcovers? I have a couple of small upholstered chairs that I really want to slip cover, but I am NOT handy at all and am hoping for something I can literally just throw over & tuck in… Any recommendations?

  9. Love this project! Wish I had your eye for what something will look like …. thank goodness though I have your posts, so I can be a “copier” and still feel proud of myself.

  10. I haven’t seen drop cloths in any other color than a sort of natural burlap color. I want grey or off-white. Do drop cloths exist in lighter colors other than burlap-like color?

  11. these are certainly a hit.. i love them also we have a 50’s yellow dinette so i can’t mess with it but it is getting too small now with the two grandsons need to sell it and get a bigger set these would make me happy..we took Christmas down right after so my oldest grand didn’t think his name was “no” xx

  12. I know, I can’t wait to use drop cloths for another project. Just don’t know what yet.

  13. I absolutely love these chairs. They turned out gorgeous. I think drop cloths are one of the best things ever for all sorts of projects.

  14. I’m in love with both the table and the chairs! Fantastic redo. I, too, love working with painters’ drop cloths. They’re so versatile, sturdy and actually pretty–when used for something other than drop cloths! I’m sharing your lovely project on my Once Upon a Firefly FB page.

  15. These turned out great! Love the way you distressed the paint and I have a love for all things ‘dropcloth’. Nice job!

  16. I’m glad you’re impressed but to be honest, they weren’t that hard to paint because I don’t like the prefect look. They are painted unevenly but it works.

  17. I’m totally impressed. They go from ugly chairs to gorgeous! Plus I know it is a patience test to paint cain.

    Really good job drop cloth inspiration.

  18. Great post! I have some chairs I’m needing to refinish and recover too!! Thanks for sharing your BEAUTIFUL project!! It’s wonderful inspiration!

  19. Those chairs look lovely!
    All the Christmas decor has been taken down right after Christmas, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I actually put the last away in storage.

  20. I love your painted furniture projects – and these chairs are stunning! 🙂

  21. Julie, I just brushed the paint on with a very dry brush and went over the front and back several times and in different directions, then I used sandpaper by hand and lightly sanded.It’s really very easy. They are not going to be perfectly uniform but that’s ok!

  22. I have some of these chairs and I don’t know how to paint the rattan backs. They are kinda slick.
    How did you do that? They look great!

  23. GORGEOUS! You would never know those are drop clothes. I love them. Thanks for sharing with the newbie with a twist party.

  24. hi Kathleen, I’ve noticed the drop cloths do come in various shades and this was very light colored and not as heavy as some of them

  25. yeah, Nancy, the drop cloths are neutral and go with everything. I like lots of color too in case you can’t tell:-) But neutral is nice too.

  26. Really fabulous table! I love to use the drop cloth for so many things as well. Yours looks whiter than mine though.

  27. Hi Kathy…Happy New Year to you! It’s so great to see how old. outdated chairs receive a new and welcome life from wonderful transformations like yours. Looking forward to seeing more!

  28. Gorgeous! and a great idea!~ I did a set of 6 chairs very similar but used patterned fabric for the chairs. I love the simplicity of this though!!

  29. Go get that drop cloth. They’re a neutral color and durable. Hey, you’ll have enough left over for more projects!

  30. These look terrific and I looove the table. The drop cloth idea is super! I have a chair I refinished and recovered the seat many years ago and the fabric does not go with my bedroom, but I was trying to figure out an inexpensive option and this is it! Thank you so much, I’m off to buy a drop cloth tomorrow 🙂