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Update An Old Birdhouse With Vintage Hardware And Bits Of Jewelry

I bet you guys are ready for a good recycle/upcycle. This birdhouse with vintage hardware is the perfect example of using what you have to transform a totally blah piece into a masterpiece. Doesn’t matter whether you have a large junk stash or just a junk drawer, you can make a similar project.


old weathered birdhouse

The birdhouse was a sad-looking thing when I found it at a local flea market. The weathered wood was perfect though and I could see the potential.

Today is Thrift Store Decor Day and wait until you see what the girls have done. Links at the end of the post. Now for the birdhouse makeover….

patriotic birdhouse decoration

I added all kinds of things to all four sides and the roof. Things I had saved over the years including pieces of jewelry.

old wood birdhouse

The birdhouse was a mess. The roof was coming apart and the wood was a bit crumbly (great descriptive word).

birdhouse repairs

I did my best to put it back together with my Ryobi brad nailer. I think I put about 20 nails in the top and the sides.

junk stash of hardware and tools

I have crates and crates of rusty tools, vintage hardware, and things I have no idea what they are. It’s always interesting when I go through the stuff for a new project. Never know what will work and sometimes I come up with a surprise or two that happened for this project.

finding vintage hardware to update a wood birdhouse

I pulled out all kinds of stuff just to see what would work. I gathered more things than I would need because I wasn’t sure what would look good together.

gold frame corner piece

My starting piece was this gold frufru picture frame corner piece. I have several of these in different sizes and designs. The bright gold color didn’t fit the rustic birdhouse.

spray paint gold hardware

It’s the only thing I painted for this project. I first used oil-rubbed bronze spray paint but thought it was too dark. Then I spray painted the piece turquoise but that was too bright. Next, I distressed it and gave it a very light coat of gold paint.

adding a gable piece to a wood birdhouse

Not sure what you would call the final color but it works for me. I nailed the frame corner to the front top of the birdhouse.

cutting a wood ruler to use in a junk project

I found a few old rulers and decided on this one to place on the peak of the roof. Both sides of the roof needed repair and the ruler was perfect.

finding hardware and rusty treasures to decorate a wood birdhouse

You can see I had a mess of stuff to work with. I went piece by piece holding things in place against the birdhouse seeing what would work. Some of it made the cut and some didn’t. I either nailed or screwed all the parts to the birdhouse.

use screws to add hinges to a birdhouse

For pieces like the hinge, I didn’t put screws in all the holes. Not necessary.

rusty star and hinge decorate a weathered birdhouse The rusty star nail holds the hinge onto the birdhouse on one side. I bought a bunch of these star nails on eBay several years ago and they show up in projects occasionally, even on furniture. One of these days I’m going to run out of stars.

I cut a vintage folding yardstick and nailed it to one side of the house only. Symmetry isn’t one of my things.

Old Birdhouse With Vintage HardwareThe black ribbon with the pearl drop was a choker I found in my junk jewelry stash. old wood birdhouse decorated with rusty hinges and jewelry The red white and blue flag heart was a pin I received at some point when the JTS was in the Army. I removed the pin from the back of the heart and nailed it to the birdhouse.

The white hinge and white piece below the heart add a bit of color to the dark wood. They were already painted and nice and crusty. Gives a totally different look than newly painted hardware.

Update An Old Birdhouse With Vintage Hardware And Bits Of Jewelry

The perch is an old window latch. To hang the birdhouse I placed two screws close to the top on either side of the roof and attached old rusty wire to them. Then I hung the birdhouse in the Bradford Pear Tree beside the workshop using an old chain.

wood birdhouse makeover with door hardware and salvaged jewelry

The Welcome Sign was the surprise piece. It was in my junk stash. I think I remember taking it off of something in the past but I don’t really remember what. It might have been on a primitive-looking wreath. I’m just happy I had it because it was the perfect finishing touch.

Update An Old Birdhouse With Vintage Hardware And Bits Of Jewelry

What do you guys think of the vintage hardware birdhouse? Looks a lot different doesn’t it? If you have an extra minute in your day leave me a note before heading out on the Thrift Store Decor tour. Just click those pink text links below the “before makeover” photo collage to take the tour.Thrift Store Makeovers

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Have a great day friends, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Most people would have left that behind or thrown it in the trash, but you turned it in to a beautiful work of art for the birds. I like it! Thanks for visiting and sharing it with us at #HomeMattersParty this week.

  2. I’m so glad you saw past the crumbly wood and gave this birdhouse a new life. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ’s, you are being featured on my blog Tuesday evening.

  3. This is so adorable! With quarantine, we’ve been working in our yard more than ever. We’ve even added a birdbath and new feeder. I love this idea to add some character to our existing birdhouses!

  4. Now your birdhouse has some funky personality! I’m envious of your crates filled with awesome junk.

  5. The birdhouse is so cute, I am going to feature it on the Happiness is Homemade Link party on Sunday.

  6. I should have known when I clicked on this adorable photo in the All About Home Link party that it would be yours! I’ve always loved your creativity and ideas. I am so doing this! I love it so and the bird houses around us are boring. These little birds are movin’ on up – to the east side! 😉 Pinned

  7. Now that’s a birdhouse with some character! Love all the junk’n finds you adorned it with. Super cute!

  8. I am in love with your version of the birdhouse. I am so impressed with your creativeness. You took a piece that needed work and made it into a piece of art. Thank you for explaining so well what you did and for having such great pictures. I love it all!

    I am so envious of your stash of junk. I will definitely have to look around for some junk! This morning I scored a couple of large baskets that my neighbor no longer wanted. With the baskets, I’m going to glue down the loose wicker pieces at the top, whitewash them. & make canvas liners. Tomorrow I’m getting a couple of chairs from her which need some work. I’ll be using them for yard art.

  9. Just LOOK AT your boxes of hardware, though!!! I’m so jealous- and I absolutely adore your birdhouse updates. It would look perfect in my yard, I’m just sayin’… 😉

  10. Love all your bits and bobs you put on it! It looks all fancy now!

    BTW, I have that same brad nailer and I use it all the time! So easy to just whip it out and get to work. Well, if I remember to charge the battery packs that is.

  11. I love your birdhouse!! You had the neatest things to decorate it with. I have a new little birdhouse that I wanted to paint, I might try some of your ideas. Thank you for sharing. Hugs,

  12. Well! That sure is cute! We do have some bird houses around but I think the bees make nests not birds!

  13. Love the birdhouse and your crates of ROT (rusty old things)! one can’t have too much ROT! we are collectors ourselves!

  14. Absolutely love it, think birds will too! What a great way to use leftover or found objects.

  15. Kathy,

    I’m so jealous of your junky stash!!!!

    I love everything about your birdhouse makeover. It’s absolutely perfect, especially with that tiny welcome sign.



  16. I love it when something is cared for and
    replenished for one of our little living
    creatures. It says so much about the person
    doing the replenishing.

  17. Nice make-over. I love bird houses, and you did a great job of enhancing it!

  18. Love what you did, it looks great! I’ll be using some of your ideas on a bird house I have. Thanks!

  19. It is just such a grand little house now. What bird could refuse moving in? I love it.