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Rustic Red White And Blue Wood Flag With Iron Bell And Stars

Make a Patriotic sign using a reclaimed piece of wood. Hand paint a red white and blue flag on the wood and add a rustic iron bell to the flag. Use cast iron star head nails as the finishing touch. This sign is so unique and fun. Everyone will love it.

iron bell and rustic wood red white and blue flag diy

I came up with the idea while trying to find a piece of wood for hanging the bell. I found the wood and was going to paint it white but why go so bland. Let’s paint a flag. It was easy. I can’t do decorative painting but I can paint a blue block and rough looking red and white stripes. No measuring anything.

reclaimed wood and paint to make a rustic Flag

I gathered all my supplies; reclaimed wood, three paint colors ( red, white, and blue) for the flag, and paint brushes.

painting an American flag

I started with the blue and just painted a blue block about a fourth of the way down the piece of wood.

painting stripes on a rustic wood flag

Next I started with the white stripes and just free handed those too. No measuring.

painting white stripes on a wood flag

The photo above shows how the flag to be looked after painting the blue block for the stars and the white stripes.

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add red stripes to a diy flag

You can see the stripes and the blue area do not have even margins. Just paint and don’t worry about perfection. I think the flag turned out perfect and it took me about 10 minutes to paint the flag. Really.

how to add a wire hanger to a diy wood sign

The piece of wood already had two holes on the top end on either side. That made it easy to add a wire hanger. Just twist the two ends of the wire on the front side to keep the wire from slipping back through the hole. I use wire hangers all of the time on my rustic signs. If there are no holes for the wire hanger I drill a couple using my battery powered drill.

nail head stars on a wood flag

Next I nailed the star nails to the blue block on the flag. I don’t know what kind of wood this is but it is very very hard. I couldn’t nail the stars all the way through the wood. I started to grab my drill and drill starter holes for the nails but I decided they actually looked good raised and not flat against the wood. (find the star nails on Amazon here or on eBay)

rustic iron bell

Next comes the best part…..the iron bell. I got it at my favorite junk shop. It was a little damaged but that’s okay.

how to use wax to cover and protect rusty junk

I applied Howard’s Wax, neutral color, over the bell and hanger to preserve the rust and also to keep the rust from coming off on my hands. Once the coat of wax was dry I shined it up with a lint free rag. (find the wax on Amazon here)

how to hand paint a red white and blue flag on a piece of reclaimed wood

The hanger for the bell had two openings for screws and I drilled small starter holes in the wood and screwed the bell to the rustic looking red white and blue American flag.

how to replace the dinger in an iron bell

The little dinger thing in the bell was missing so I found a small white iron thing that I think was part of a window pully in the old windows to use as the dinger.

paint a U. S. Flag on rustic wood and add an iron bell


The ring for the dinger was still in the top inside of the bell and I attached the dinger thing using a short piece of thin wire. I like the piece I chose for the dinger because of the chippy white paint.

Patriotic red white and blue flag diy

I love my American flag display! What do you think? Do you have a piece of wood you can use to paint a flag? I’ve painted flags using Frogtape painter’s tape to make the lines nice and neat if you prefer that look. You don’t need a bell and you can use small wood stars from the craft store instead of iron stars. Or make the stars out of fabric.

I made a Farmhouse style flag with neutral colors. Watch the video below…..

wood flag diy

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  1. Kathy
    I love your rustic flag & bell.
    Simple but perfect for July decoration!
    You have great ideas!

  2. Really cute bell piece. I would leave it up all year. I love little patriotic touches around the house and yard. Clever idea.

  3. Love this- the rustic imperfect look. Great idea and using the bell was a great touch!