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Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds

Showing off the best Nashville Flea Market furniture finds from my shopping trips. I’m always looking for paint and color inspiration and the Nashville Flea Market is one of my number one haunts.

You can find just about anything at the flea market. I go for the cheap stuff I can paint or makeover in some way. But it never fails…..the painted furniture catches my eye. I’m envious of the talented painters at the market. I’m also jealous of some of the cool pieces they find to paint.

I can tell you it’s hard to find used furniture these days. If I do find a piece I like it cost an arm and a leg. If it needs a bunch of work the price might be cheap but that brings up another problem…..repairs.

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds

I love this chest of drawers! Every month I stop by to see one of my favorite vendors, Debbie of Crabtree Corner. She always has a booth full of painted furniture. Her furniture makeovers are works of art. She is at her best when using multiple colors on a furniture restyle.

I’ve never been brave enough to try this color combo. I don’t know how she decided what details to paint what colors but it works.

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds, painted lime green

How about this lime green wow piece. This is one of my favorite colors and I haven’t used it in a while. Must do something about that. I think this is my favorite lime green project….Vintage Buffet Painted Green.

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds, painted desk

I really like the color of the desk but my favorite part is the knobs. Ya’ll knew that didn’t you. Not only do I love the bold colors, I love how they are used. At one time I hated, really hated, when I saw furniture with two knobs where there should be a long drawer pull. I’m loving the look on the desk. What about you guys?

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds, yellow sideboard

Another piece I love. It’s really hard to find beautiful vintage sideboards like this one to paint. If I find them they are $200-$300. I can’t buy them for that price, paint, and resell. The yellow on the sideboard is as bold as the chair I painted a couple of years ago. I do love the white top!

two-tone painted furniture nashville flea market junk shopping petticoat junktion

Then I spied these two beauties from across the vendor lot. Such large pieces and wonderfully worn! They look like pieces imported from Mexico but I could be wrong.

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds, blue cedar chest

More lime green on the perfectly shabby chic distressed cedar chest. The wood applique is upside down but it works.

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds, yellow kitchen cabinet

Another pretty yellow piece, distressed with white paint peeking through.

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds, vintage buffet

Black and green paint is a great combo, kind-of like peanut butter and chocolate. The light distressing is perfect.


Love the shape of the table top here and the original wood shining through where the paint was distressed.

Nashville Flea Market Furniture Finds, painted dresser

Someone took a lot of time with this dresser. I don’t think I would have the patience or the skill to paint a flag, any flag, on furniture. I do love it though. Can’t get much better than red, white, and blue.

two tone furniture from the Nashville Flea Market

The soft look of this chest caught my eye. The distressing is just right if you like distressed paint, and I do.

That’s it for the furniture show today. Find 100’s of photos from the Nashville Flea Market on my Pinterest Board here.

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Nashville Flea Market Shopping Trip and Furniture Finds

Which piece did you like the best? Leave me a note. As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great week, Kathy

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com


  1. Yes, the winner was Linda K. I need to announce it in the post thanks! Her box of goodies has been shipped.

  2. The furniture finds at the Flea Market are interesting and as you said, not for everyone. I do enjoy your emails as I never know what inspiration waits around the corner!!

    Can you say who was the lucky winner of the last craft give away?

  3. I have been to the Market a couple of times , wondering is the November Market a good Market most of my trips been in April .

  4. My favorite is definitely the little blue dresser with the white drawers. The greens and yellows just don’t do a thing for me and the same for red, white, and blue. But that little dresser–I think it’s the 11th from the top picture–is just sweet. A great piece for a child’s room.

    I’m jealous of you going to the Nashville Flea Market! I would love to go down there sometime. It used to be that my ex-husband had family in Tennessee so we used to visit down there from time to time. But nearly all the folks are gone now and we are divorced. He was a great traveling companion. Now I don’t go anywhere!

  5. Ah! Thanks for saying such nice things about my work Rita. I know what you mean about not saying anything if you don’t have something nice to say 😉

  6. I do check out the marketplace but not often, lol. I keep up with Dionne and Debi, love their stuff. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Kathy, thanks for your input on the Nashville flea market, it looks like a fun happy place! I love all the pieces you highlighted, they are such saturated colorful pieces. A couple of YouTube bloggers you might like are Dionne Woods, Quetta Allen and Debi’s Design Diary. The do color saturated layered furniture painting. Have you tried Facebook Marketplace for buying furniture? You kind of have to jump on it several times a day, but I have gotten several pieces at really good prices. There’s a lot of competition, but odds are with you that you’ll be the first to respond and get the piece!

  8. Everybody likes something different…painted, unpainted, multiple colors, distressed heavily not distressed, bright colors or not. That’s what makes everything interesting. I would never tell someone I don’t like what they did. You know that old saying ” If you don’t have something nice to say…don’t say anything” that’s the way I do it. Love your pieces , I look forward to your email every week. I’d love to go to the Nashville Flea Market….maybe some day.

  9. Thanks Lizzy! Glad you like my stuff. I agree the bold colors and multi-color furniture is not for everyone.

  10. Save me from yellow and lime green please! Not very fond of painted furniture, but I will admit is works in a few cases. I try for real wood usually. Just my style I guess.

  11. For the very first time I have to disagree with you. I thought those pieces were terrible, except for maybe the last 3, but I still would never buy them. The first tri-color one, and the blue cedar chest with random green splotches…OMG, horrible!

    Your stuff is 1000 X better. I could close my eyes, spin, then point to any of your pieces and love it.

  12. The first piece by Debbie is awesome. The kind of piece you remember seeing long after you’ve left the market. I love the yellow sideboard and the yellow Hoosier, although I don’t think I would ever paint a Hoosier. I am not a green furniture fan, but they are well done! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Cathy, What fun these painted pieces are! My favorite is the green dresser with mirror. Do you get to the St Louis area ever? I have a mirrored dresser that needs a home and would be a fantastic project. Don’t need much for it as I saved it from being pitched in a dumpster in St Charles, Mo. It’s heavy, sturdy and very cool! Please let me know if I can email you pics.

  14. LOVELY!!!! Getting me ALL EXCITED for our upcoming anniversary trip to the Nashville Flea!!! CAN”T WAIT!!!!
    Doesn’t everyone ask for a trip to the flea market for their anniversary?!?!?!

    THE BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Thanks Cathy for all my pieces you showed this time on your blog. Always enjoy seeing you at the market. Be sure to come by this weekend. IT THE BIG ONE!! ?. DEBBIE

  16. LOVE these pics. You are so sweet to share your fun shopping days, sites and expertise. Very inspiring bc my life has always been filling my house with pieces from long ago that need TLC. I need to learn how to spiff them up much better and I found you.

  17. loved the detailed piece! while i don’t mind painted furniture, i don’t care for multiple colors on a single piece.

  18. Your comment about the last piece’s detailed pictures made me giggle. Some things are just better from a bit of a distance!

  19. i really liked the last piece…maybe a tad too shabby but i could add a little paint i love the shape and storage possibilities xx

  20. Every time you write a post on a visit to the Nashville Flea Market I am more determined to make this trip. I have an affection for tiny tables and actually have the room to re-do them in my apartment. Do you see them often at the Market? My favorite pieces from your photos would be the two blue chests. I have visions of other colors, but the bones for creativity are great. Have a great day. Oh, by the way, how is school going this semester? Your readers are invested in all that you do.

  21. Hi my name is Rita ,iam from Canada and I have two stores here…we are thinking of taking a trip up your way , where would you say are some good places to pick up items like you pick up. Chairs dressers junky stuff etc …we need items to be really cheap cost wise….what would be an example of cheap or do you know of anyone who would ship a pallet full of stuff odds and ends..thanks for your time..I follow your post everyday ,your amazing I love your stuff…

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