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How To Make An Aquarium Stand Table With A Faux Barnwood Top

Find an old aquarium stand and make a table using wood scraps or recycled wood table tops.

This is one of the projects where I had second thoughts about the paint. I’ll let you guys give me what for if I messed up.

make a table using a recycled aquarium stand (2)
Make a table using a recycled aquarium stand 


As promised…..table number two for the week is made from an aquarium stand. I found the red aquarium stand at my favorite junk shop and loved the color. I can’t pass up anything red or made of metal.

reclaimed butcher block top

The top butcher block piece is what we’re working with today, and it also came from my favorite junk shop.

cutting a wood table top

The JTS (aka hubby, aka Junktion Technical Specialist) cut the butcher block top to fit the metal stand.

using a table saw

We also found a few reclaimed boards to make slats for the bottom shelf. Hubby is great at using the table saw. Table saws make me nervous.

drilling screw holes in iron stand

As you can see, the JTS did most of the work on this project. He drilled holes in the iron aquarium stand so we could attach the wood top.

table progress

Now this is where I may have messed up. Do you guys like the light natural wood look? Read on to see what I did to the top.

applying General Finishes Stain

I stained the butcher block with General Finishes stain in walnut. It just wipes on.

Barnwood wax application

Then I waxed the top with white Barnwood wax from FolkArt.

painters tape

The main reason I decided to stain the top is that I didn’t have a matching butcher block for the bottom shelf. I painted the wood slats brown and applied the white barnwood wax. The top and bottom don’t match, but there isn’t a big contrast.

faux barnwood finish

Faux Barnwood Table Top

I do like the barnwood look with the red-painted base.

framed vintage paint by number

And I really like the paint-by-number framed picture. I found it at a yard sale, I think the price was 50 cents….maybe $1.

make a table using a recycled aquarium stand (2)
make a table using a recycled aquarium stand (2)


What do you think of the aquarium stand table? Do you like the top, or would you have preferred the original butcher block? That’s it for me. You guys have a great day! Kathy

Kathy Owen founder of Petticoat Junktion
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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. When you are keeping an item you should do it as you want. If selling something then consider what others like or want in design and color.

  2. I think the top looks fine–like it was meant for the red metal stand. But I don’t like the bottom shelf. The tone is quite different from the top to begin with and the spaces between the boards bother me somehow. I think a solid piece that matched the top would look perfect, but not having the spaces between the boards on the bottom would look much better. I don’t know, but I think it’s that with the spaces between the boards the fact that the bottom shelf doesn’t match the top is accentuated. That’s my personal take on the table. I do love the red metal frame, though. I’ll be interested to see what, or if, you do with all these suggestions!

  3. If you had left it as a butcher block, people would be confused, thinking it should go into a kitchen. I think it looks great with the slats on the bottom-ties the wood together. I’m a sucker for red too!!

  4. Like the top the way you did it a lot. The bottom not so much. Any chance you might find a bit of butcher’s block and re-do that part? Anway – Happy New Year Kathy. x