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11 Items You And The Kids Can Have Fun Repurposing

It’s always better to reuse, repurpose, or upcycle an item instead of tossing it out. You might be surprised at what you can do with things you normally trash. For the budget-minded and environmentally aware person, these ideas are game changers. Get the kids involved and create crafts and memories. What to save and why…..

1. Aluminum Cans

Save money and have designer decor at the same time. Use empty aluminum cans to make cute vases almost identical to ones from West Elm. You can also make jewelry, candle holders, and flower planters.

Upcycled Vase Made From Cans

How to make vases using aluminum cans
How to make vases using aluminum cans

This is how those aluminum cans turned out. The painted cans-turned vases look almost identical to the ones on West Elm but they were a lot cheaper than the fancy ones. 

2. Fruit And Food Containers

It’s hard to see things like plastic fruit containers and good food cans go in the garbage or recycling bin. Spray paint these items and use them as planters, desk organizers, or maybe jewelry containers.

Spray Painted Containers

upcycle spam cans into unique home decor

Metallic spray paint is easy to use and is the quickest way to paint anything. The spray paint adhered to the containers well and then upcycled denim made it a wrap.

3. Glass Jars

Glass Jar
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Glass jars are incredibly versatile and can be repurposed in various ways. After washing and drying them, you can reuse glass jars for storing food. With melted wax and a wick, glass jars can be transformed into charming homemade candles. Furthermore, they serve as creative mediums for crafting projects like sun catchers, wind chimes, and jewelry. 

4. Plastic Bottles

Christmas crafts using plastic bottles
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Watering cans can be made from plastic juice bottles by drilling holes in the top and filling the bottle with water. Then you can put it to use in your yard or plant pots. Make Christmas angels using the tops of the bottles. Put together a homemade birdfeeder or create a mini greenhouse using a plastic bottle and terra cotta pot!

5. Newspapers and Magazines 

Man reading newspaper
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Use them as packing material to protect fragile objects during shipping by crumpling them or shredding them into strips to cushion items in a box. They can serve as versatile liners for pet cages, litter boxes, drawers, shelves, or fridge trays, as they absorb odors, liquids, and messes, simplifying cleaning tasks.

These printed materials can also be utilized for crafts like paper mache, origami, collage, or quilling. Did you know they can also be composted to enrich your garden soil when shredded and mixed with other organic materials? 

6. Paper Towels or Toilet Paper Rolls

girl painting toilet paper rollers
Image Credit: Shutterstock

You can organize cables, create a convenient pencil holder, and even make unique gift boxes by repurposing these rolls. To help you manage your cables, cut a slit on one side of the roll and thread your cords or wires through it. Glue multiple rolls together and cover them with paper or fabric for a pencil holder. Flatten the roll, fold the ends inward, decorate it, and fill it with small items to make a gift box.

7. Wine Corks

Wine Corks
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

This innovative method of reusing wine corks gives your home a personalized touch while being cost-effective. You can create a practical bulletin board or trivet by gluing the corks together. You also can use corks as thread spools by inserting a needle through the center of a cork and wrapping the thread around it. This can help you organize your sewing supplies and prevent tangling.

8. Egg Cartons

Christmas egg carton crafts
Image Credit: Shutterstock

You can store jewelry, buttons, or screws in an empty egg carton. Their partitioned design makes them great for organizing and storing various little items. This easy hack saves you money on costly storage containers and organizers. 

9. Old Toothbrushes 

Woman brushing teeth
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you have old toothbrushes lying around, it is time to put them to good use. They can be used to apply hair dye, clean computer keyboards, freshen up hair combs, remove crayon marks from walls, polish shoes, and as paint brushes to create art by splattering paint. 

10. Old Clothes

Boho chic furniture makeover

Think about finding a new use for your unused wardrobe items. You can reuse them as rags, make accessories, cover a chair seat, give them to charity, put them on eBay, or upcycle them into something else entirely. 

11. Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Coffee filters work well as strainers in the kitchen and can be used to filter juice, broth, oil, or tea. They can be used as plant pot liners in gardening to seal off soil leaks and hold moisture. Coffee filters are also great cleaning tools for silverware, jewelry, and shoes, as well as for wiping glass surfaces without leaving lint or streaks.

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