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Star Spangled Patriotic Yarn Wreath Shutter Sign

How about another sign….a patriotic yarn wreath shutter sign made from my junk shop finds! This shutter is white instead of red like last week’s project. I decorated it with a yarn wreath in red, white, and blue that I bought at my favorite junk shop and a spray painted tin container that holds faux flowers. I would love for you to tell me your favorite shutter sign between the one from last week and this one!

DIY Yarn Wreath Shutter Sign Project Idea

If you read my post last week you remember I told you there are all kinds of ways to make a shutter sign….and it’s true. Find an old wood shutter and decorate it with things that make you happy. Now to tell you how I made this shutter sign.

yarn wreath


As I mentioned I bought the yarn wreath at my favorite junk shop. I don’t have the patience to make anything with yarn. Notice the wreath has a few stars too.

decorative tin from the auction

I was mistaken about this tin. I got it in a box lot at the auction not from the junk shop. I was looking for just the perfect piece to hold a few flowers and this was all I could find in the shop. I was looking for a wood box but in the end the tin was perfect.

white wood shutter to recycled into a patriotic sign

This is the white shutter and it’s been in the shop for a while. I dragged it out last week and planned to take it to the booth to sell but then I found the yarn wreath. I used to make shutter signs quite often but until last week it has been a couple of years or so since the last one.

how to distress a shutter

The shutter had a few dings and scraps and peeled off paint so adding to the destruction by distressing the shutter could only make it better.

how to attach a yarn wreath to a wood shutter

I hate to put a lot of holes in my shutters in case I want to reuse them in a future project which happens a lot. So I stapled the yarn wreath hanger to the back of the shutter. I used several staples to attach it to the shutter.

staple a yarn wreath to a wood sign

I thought that would do the trick but the wreath wanted to move around a bit since the bottom wasn’t secured in place. Also the wreath was hanging a bit lower than I liked. By stapling a few of the yarn threads at the bottom (on the front of the sign) pushing up and under so the staples could not be seen from the front the yarn wreath was now a bit higher on the shutter. Not a lot. The weight of the wreath was pulling it down so now it’s not.

spray paint a tin with Rustoleum Spray Paint

The yellow dragonfly and flowers did not go with the red, white, and blue theme at all so I pulled out a can of blue spray paint and painted the tin. I have probably 50 or 60 cans of spray paint in various colors. Or maybe more, I need to count them.

glue floral foam in flower container and drill holes for hanging wire

After gluing a piece of Styrofoam inside the tin I drilled two holes for a wire hanger.

wire hanger

I pulled the wire through the holes and twisted it tight with a pair of needle nose pliers.

attach flower basket to shutter sign

Then I pulled the two wires around one of the shutter slats and twisted them together in the back. See I can take all this stuff off and reuse the shutter and the other stuff in another project if I decide to in a few months. Maybe make a Thanksgiving shutter sign?

sawtooth hanger and wall protectors on shutter sign

I added a sawtooth hanger to the top back of the sign and foam wall protectors on each back corner.

red white and blue patriotic shutter sign


I went through my flower stash and found the white flowers. I have no idea what kind they are…..besides fake.


Star Spangled Patriotic Yarn Wreath Shutter Sign

I had a photo of the yarn wreath shutter sign without the red glitter stars on the blue container but I guess I deleted it. I finished the shutter sign and brought it up to the house and set it on the hearth in the family room waiting until I was in the mood to take photos. While sitting and looking at it I just felt something was off. After a while I knew what the problem was. The blue tin needed a bit of red to pull it all together. I took the sign back to the shop and hot glued the glitter stars to the tin. Now it’s just right.

What do you guys think? Just right? Tell me which shutter sign you like the best. I’ll even add the other photo here so you don’t have to click over to the welcome shutter sign post.


How To Make A Front Porch Welcome Shutter Sign
How To Make A Front Porch Welcome Shutter Sign

So which one is your favorite? I can’t pick. I like them both in different ways. If you want to see the whole tutorial on the red shutter welcome sign it’s here….How to Make A Front Porch Welcome Shutter Sign For Summer Decorating

I have been painting furniture believe it or not. I finished one of the pieces yesterday and if I have time to get it all together I’ll share it tomorrow. IT IS FABULOUS if I do say so myself. Thanks for being here, Kathy

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  1. I’ll take your red shutter and the decorations on it. I love red! They are both very pretty though. You got a bargain with that yarn wreath!

  2. It’s a tough choice! If I had to pick one to bring home, I think I would take today’s. Only by a thin margin…..they are both great!! Thanks.