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My Arkansas Home | Alzheimer’s Story Part III

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My Arkansas Home

Alzheimer’s Story Part III

Happy Thanksgiving! The JTS and I are having a quite Thanksgiving at home. Our son and his family who live close to us have been out of town and will be back some time today. Our daughter and her family are stationed in Alaska and can’t be here. So it’s just us. The JTS is cooking a roast in the crockpot. Yummy. We will have a big Thanksgiving dinner one day this weekend with our son and his family.


visit to Arkansas Petticoat Junktion

We aren’t going out of town this week because we went to Arkansas the week of Veterans Day to visit my parents. My mom’s Alzheimer’s is slowly progressing. She doesn’t know who anyone is. Hospice comes in two half days a week to sit with her but my Dad is her main caretaker. He is so patient with Mom and takes good care of her. She refers to him as “that man” or “my husband”. She’s still able to get around pretty well but spends most of her days sleeping in the recliner or watching television. She loves Andy Griffith and Judge Judy.


My sweet Dad. I don’t take any photos of my Mom right now. Maybe later. The only time she leaves the house is for her weekly hair appointment and an occasional Dr.’s appointment.

Birdhouses on Dads Farm

Dad’s birdhouses and an old television antenna for a roost.


Dad was proud of his gourds this year.

green gourds

We used to raise tomatoes by the acre and take them to the market where buyers bid on the packed boxes of tomatoes. That was hard work.


My dad worked at and retired from International Paper Company. The farm is his love.

farm disc 2

My Mom worked outside of the home on and off when my sister, brother, and I were small. Her last job was with the Department of Human Services for the state of Arkansas. She has been retired for a number of years.


Looking back over the years I believe she really didn’t enjoy being retired. I might be wrong.

raking leaves

And here is the JTS sweeping the deck for my Dad. He is a good man.


My aunt and uncle live across the street from my parents and my brother and his family live within sight of my parents home. A lot of the family didn’t move far from home when they grew up and married. I have several cousins and another aunt that lives on the same street as my parents. When I was growing up we called it the “road” and it was gravel. Before the postal system decided to standardize all street names the street was named for my grandfather William A. Owen Sr.. My grandfather and great grandfather were both farmers.


There were 11 of us first cousins who lived on the road within a mile or so of each other and also a bunch of friends. In those days we took off walking or on bikes and were gone all day. We traveled all over the place. We didn’t know what computers or cell phones were……we still had phone party lines. If you don’t know what those are …..Goggle it.

Our parents didn’t have to worry about anyone taking off with us. We were too mean. Seriously, in those days no one worried about kids being abducted. I’m sure it happened but we didn’t know anything about it.

post tree

My dad wanted me to get a photo of the tree growing out of he gate post. He thinks it’s cool. I plan to make a calendar for my dad with some of the photos I took around the farm.


Swings for the young, old, and in-between.


The hubby getting ready for a ride.

wood trails

I wanted to visit “The Old Owen Cemetery” to take photos and the cemetery is not easy to get to.


We have to travel down a natural gas pipeline for a ways then take a dirt road to the cemetery. The little guy is Jack, my nephew’s son. Me, hubby, my dad, my nephew Brickley, Jack, and Daisy the dog headed to the cemetery.


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Photos of the cemetery later.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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  1. Oh Rose, He was so young! Thank you for your comment. It must have been hard to lose your husband and at such a young age.

  2. Denise, That is a wonderful idea. I hope we can organize that sometime soon. I’m sorry for your lose. How sweet to have the photo to look at today. Thank you.

  3. We just lost my mom to Alzheimer’s in October. my advise is to make a date to get together with your mom get her dressed nice and get pictures taken with her. We took all the girls in the family one day and all dressed in black with lots of pearls and necklaces on(fake) and had a photographer take pictures of us. We all have a similar face and we r so glad we did that. Unfortunately the disease continues to rob them of their looks too and I am so glad we can remember her along her journey. We kept a picture of her on the kitchen counter where I was cooking today to remember she was with me in spirit. Blessings to you

  4. Before my husband died 3 yrs ago he had frontal lobe dementia the last 6 years of his life, the last 2 being the most difficult. It is difficult watching a loved one “disappear.” I understand. He was 56 when he died.
    Remember her as she was and hold on to that.

  5. I always enjoy your emails and blogs … Everything you say and do is very personal and true to your heart which makes it so special. The pictures are beautiful! This is my first year to go through the holidays without my great aunt, who was like a mother to me. Life changes and just before reading your email I thanked God for the special times I did have with her … rather than dwelling on missing her now. Bless you and your family!

  6. Kathy, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this post while I am waiting for my kids to arise and eat today. My mom has Alzheimer’s, too. your dad is a precious man and so is your JTS.
    I have memories like that too but they are gone because the people are gone & places sold for others to carry on their traditions. You come from some very rich stock! Love & goodness always around you ❤️
    Thank you for sharing yoyr photos & taking us with you on that trip to ‘bountiful’! Happy Thanksgiving?

  7. Hi, I am from Arkansas, too. My dad’s family has all lived within 20 miles of each other for close to 200 years. I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I have been following your blog and just love your ideas. WPS!