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The Vintage Buffet I Paid Too Much For Plus More Auction Furniture

Pricey Vintage Buffet And Some Inexpensive Auction Furniture

I bought a beautiful vintage buffet at an auction but I sure paid more than I wanted to for it. In fact I kind of  accidently bid  more than I meant to. But I got some awesome deals and a few auction furniture pieces worth the money. I have a bunch of furniture to paint now.

I also have 3 chest of drawers for you to see and one of them I am not painting. It is going to be a beauty when it’s cleaned up. I have photos and prices of all the furniture to share with you today. I’m going to need opinions on paint colors and other details. Please help.

The vintage buffet I paid too much for plus more furniture finds

Auction Furniture – Vintage Buffet

This is the buffet. Isn’t it a beauty. Look at those lovely details. The mirror is in great shape. I really want to keep the buffet for myself but not sure where I will put it. I don’t have the perfect spot for it at all. We will see what happens.

I’ll tell you how I ended up bidding too much. The auction was last Saturday but you can bid online the week before the auction. I placed a bid on the buffet and was outbid….again and again. I was up to $100 and I was thinking I might need to back off. The bidding was in $10 increments. The other bidder bid $125. I said “Okay, one more bid” and hit the bid button.

I didn’t realize that when the bidding went over $100 the increments changed to $25. I was just pushing and pushing the bid button not paying attention to the amount. I will not do that again. Anyway, I did make it to the live auction on Saturday and no one outbid my online bid. Thank goodness because that was my limit. I also had to pay a $15 (10%) auction fee.

awesome deals and auction furniture

I probably wouldn’t have minded paying as much as I did but the buffet has a few issues. The legs were broken in several places but the broken parts were in one of the drawers. Also the top has a lot of damage. I’m thinking of painting the top and cleaning up the original finish on the body. I don’t think I can sand and stain the top to match the original finish. What do you guys think?

The Vintage Buffet I Paid Too Much For Plus More Furniture Buys

I bought the white mirrorless  wardrobe for $30. The legs are about to come off and we can fix that. Don’t know if I will try to replace the mirror or cut a new board for the door or remove the door. Any ideas for me? I’m thinking of just cleaning the white paint and distressing it.

white wardrobe bought at auction

I took this photo of the wardrobe after we got it to the workshop. You can see the cute little mirror on the left side now. Also the JTS in the mirror, hahahaha. I think we were discussing the makeover.

Most of the auction furniture photos are from the auction listing (white wall background) . I did not take those. Photo credit goes to Red River Auctions. You can click that link to them and also check out their website page here. As I mentioned earlier a lot of their auctions are online and live. They auction small items too and you might spot something you want especially if you are a collector of certain items. This is not a sponsored post I just like to support local businesses.

auction china cabinet

I’m really excited about the china cabinet. I love the straight lines, very modern looking, especially when painted. I’m worried about that red stain finish bleeding through the paint. I would probably paint the china cabinet gray or white with maybe the inside back painted a contrasting color. Maybe gray china cabinet with white back?

round table

I didn’t intend to buy this table but no one else would bid on it. I paid $2. Yea! That wood looking top is actually contact paper. Now I know why no one else bid on it. The contact paper is adhered so well I think I can just paint over it.

lot of small furniture items from the auction

These four items were auctioned as a group. I only wanted the table on the right. I paid $15 for all four items. I didn’t like the pedestal at all. Glad I didn’t like it because I picked it up to move it in the workshop yesterday and the thing broke right in two. Must have had a hairline crack. Oh well.

pair of wood rockers

Auction Furniture – Wood Handmade Rocking Chairs

I bought the pair of rocking chairs for $25. It’s was one of those times when you don’t really want to keep bidding but you do anyway. I’m going to dry-brush them white and take them to my booth to sell.


The wrought iron soda shop chair is my favorite purchase from the auction. It even beats out the buffet and the chair was only $5. I call these chairs ET Chairs. Look at those ET eyes on the back.

awesome deals and auction furniture

Now we’re moving on to those chest of drawers I mentioned. I bought this one at the Nashville Flea Market for $60. That was a great price. I love the details, the legs, the wheels, the original knobs! I’m going to paint it. Yes, I  know, but it is in rough shape with alligatored finish and all.


Now this piece I’m not painting. It belongs to a friend and she wanted me to try to clean it up and make a few repairs.


There is some loose veneer and you can see how the original knobs have come loose and scraped the wood finish around them. I’m working on the chest of drawers and I have to tell you it is coming along very nicely. I can’t wait to show it to you.

old chest of drawers

And last but not least the chippy shabby chest I paid $20 for at the shop where I have a booth. I know it’s controversial. I love it.

layered chippy paint

The paint is a mess.

rippled wood

The veneer on the sides is rippled. Not sure how I’m going to work with this. We will all be surprised.

That’s it. Thank you for being here. Have a great week and weekend, Kathy

Kathy Owen founder of Petticoat Junktion
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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. A lot of great finds. I’d like to see the china cabinet in a creamy white color with just a tinge of yellow, like the white had aged that color look and the inside a turquoise color. All of it distressed, of course. Whatever, you do though, I’m sure will look great as usual.

  2. I agree a marble top would be awesome….I have a dresser im planning on doing that with cause the top was badly damaged,,great inspiration an also would luv to have those rocking chairs,great buys…S
    outh Carolina

  3. How sweet Christy, thank you. Binge on my blog anytime, lol. I love the chalkboard idea for the door! I’m not sure about painting it with gold accents. I have to keep in mind who my customers are. I can’t get too much going on a piece or it has to be that one special person looking to buy. Thanks for the ideas. I bet I use the chalkboard one for sure. Oh, and it will be girly.

  4. Far be it for me to tell you how to do ANY restorations Kathy, but if the white wardrobe was mine; I would paint and age/distress it in a pastel color with gold accents, and really girly/blingy hardware. Then I would paint the missing mirror section in chalk board paint. It would be a great piece for a boutique store.

    I LOVE your work, and I have been binging on your blog for the whole weekend, lol.

    I have a few pieces in my garage waiting for inspiration, and your blog has given them to me. Thank you!

  5. Kathy, could a heat gun help take off the contact paper on the pedestal table ? You got some really great buys!

  6. What do you think about hard wire on the front of the wardrobe where the mirror was? Think it would look good with the wire painted a contrasting color. The chest of drawers is fabulous !! It will look beautiful painted. It’s take me a lot of studying trying to decide what color I’d paint it. I love the hardware, the applique at the top and the fan type design at the bottom. The piece that you’re doing for a friend, that for me would be a trial and headache. The last piece that’s painted; you have definitely got a job on your hands.
    Good luck with all of these projects. Please post pictures when you’re finished.

  7. I like the idea of black paint for the top. I will have to consider the raised stencil. Sounds like a lot of work to me and you guys know how lazy I am.

  8. You got such great stuff. I wish the mall I had my booth at did better with furniture. Its a slow mover for me and I love doing it. I’m at a crossroads…..

  9. The buffet with the bad top reminds me of the old phonograph cabinet I found on the curb. The veneer had been pulled off the top so I only had a rough wood top to work with. The rest of the piece just needed a good cleaning a lot of Howard’s Feed n Wax. I filled the cracks in the top, sanded it smooth and used black chalk paint and finished it with black wax. There is actually a little black on the joints in the leg braces so it ties together beautifully. If you want to add a raised stencil to any of these pieces–like the wardrobe with the missing mirror–I had great success using vinyl wall patch and a stencil made to use with paint. I choose the patch that starts out pink and tiurns white when it’s dry. I put a design on both my bathroom cabinets before I painted them and now they look like re purposed antique/vintage furniture.

  10. I love it all! Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Love, love that buffet.
    I just inherited a rocking chair like those two. I haven’t seen it yet. We’ll be going to Kentucky soon to get it.

  11. For the wardrobe, I would put in a wood panel & give it texture. The easiest way would be with anaglypta or other textured wallpaper. Or I’ve seen bloggers use stencils & plaster to create raised designs. One product was Country chic embossing plaster. Spackle might work too. You could practice on scrap wood (& when dry t would sand off again to use the wood later).Then, if you want to get crazy, paint a white base coat & use the stencil again with your mad color-blending skills (that you used on the stenciled Christmas wrapping paper) to color your embossing.
    If you find that the color is too intense, paint white over it again & distress down to the color. You might want to do the panel before installing it because what works best could determine how to treat the body of the piece. If distressing the colored embossing works best, then you could paint some of the colors on the edges, paint white & distress down to show a little color.
    Look at me, telling you how to paint furniture. The last furniture I painted was a small chest for my first-born that I sprayed almost 50 years ago. lol!

  12. You can see the beauty that will come out after your work on a piece! So many of us would pass them by! That is talent!

  13. I’m pretty sure I will not paint the body of the buffet. It is beautiful.

  14. I like the rocking chairs but they don’t rock real smoothly. I think they have a flat spot or something, lol.

  15. Black would be pretty. Thanks for the idea. Yes, I’ve thrown away so much stuff in the past that I wish I still had. I don’t know what I was thinking.

  16. As for the buffet-If you have to do something to the to-O.K. but do not paint the body the wood is beautiful. I knw you love to paint, but that wood is beautiful, The wardrobe would look nice with maybe clear glass on the door with shelves inside. I think chicken wire is passee. Too bad about the pedestal, I liked it. You sure did score though. Many weeks work there! Busy summer.

  17. Yes, I’m going to try to keep it. I’m not against painting the whole thing I just thought to keep some of the original finish. I’m going to take my time and think about it before doing!

  18. Thanks for your comment Jane. I don’t have a single thing in my house painted gray. I do like the color and it’s very popular now but I tend to go with earth tone colors.

  19. Love all your finds! The shabby white dresser looks distressed enough already. I like the mesh or chicken wire idea on it with pretty backing and some shelves. I personally would never paint or buy anything painted gray. I really hate that color. That being said, I really like what you do with the furniture you redo. Have fun with all the new projects. Can’t wait to see them!

  20. Great stuff. Can’t wait to see all the results! Wish I had your vision and talent ….

  21. I have been told that in my area of the country that many of those type of buffets can be found however they have lost their mirrors during their lifetime so any that still have the original mirrors are hard to find and bring a pretty penny. So I think you did just fine even though it was more than you planned to spend. We live in a coastal area and a friend of mine painted one of those type buffets in a greenish blue color and it sold before she was done.
    The buffet would be hard to part with in my opinion.

  22. I have been to several of the Red River auctions. Lots of time we just bid online.

  23. For the shabby white wardrobe, I would put chicken wire with a pretty piece of fabric behind it! Cause it already has the small mirror. Love, love your choices one more time!!!❤️❤️❤️

  24. What about chicken wire in the mirrorless wardrobe? Great finds! that little yellow children’s chair is adorable too.

  25. Ooooh, you really scored on all these pieces! You picked up some great treasures. I suggest you prime the hutch so the red stain doesn’t bleed thru. I wish I’d primed my old mahogany stained table before painting. It took tooooo many coats to finally cover the bleed through. That was my first time using chalk paint. And somebody had laminated the top, so I had to fight with that removal process. Such a mess.
    The $60 dresser is beautiful. I have my mom’s whole bedroom set that’s similar to that style. Years ago I stripped and painted it and foolishly discarded the knobs and pulls (how was I to know I’d want to use those knobs again). I’ve searched Ebay, Etsy and local shops with no luck. The only ones I’ve found are too pricey for this dollar bargain chick. I plan to chalk paint the set with two colors but I haven’t decided what colors. Pinterest is my go to for color inspirations. The bedroom it will go in is a bright blue, so I have a limited color scheme to choose from.
    As for the buffet top, maybe black and distress the edges. I love that little table too, it’s so cute!
    Have fun!

  26. WOW! What a great haul! So jealous ?. Beautiful buffet even if you did pay a bit for it. Maybe the solution will come to you when you start working on it. Is the body in good shape? Will you paint that? If so, maybe a faux wood painted top? They will all be beautiful I know!

  27. I wish I lived closer. I would love to shop at your booth! Great stuff. Rocking chairs are amazing.

  28. Don’t paint the body of the buffet. Maybe a marble look finish for the top? Or shiny black?