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10 Ideas To Transform Your Deck Or Outdoor Space Into An Oasis

Anyone lucky enough to have a back garden with a patio has plenty of options for transforming their yard into a peaceful space. There are many easy ideas, whether you want a shady haven for afternoon reading, a sun-capture space, or a flower and plant-covered zone for de-stressing.

A discussion is sharing ideas for transforming your patio into a sacred outdoor space for you or your family. 

1. Mix It Up

Patio with wood work
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Whatever you do, mix up the materials when decorating your patio. A nice blend of wood, concrete, gravel, and tiles can break the space up. This method is good for those who prefer a multipurpose patio for different needs. Moreover, having a variety of colors, shapes, and textures is more aesthetically pleasing. 

2. A Herb Garden

Herb garden in Patio
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Even low-maintenance gardeners can get busy with a herb garden; there are so many plusses to starting one. For northern latitudes, planting late in spring means less winter freeze danger. Nothing beats the convenience, the evening aromas, and the visual beauty of a herb garden. 

3. Water Features

Fountain in Patio
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Those living in a non-drought area can find a peace-inducing water design for their patio with very little maintenance. Even a trough going through the center can provide a calming focal point, not to mention a noise-pollution combatant. This idea is especially useful for urban dwellings. 

4. Lighting

Garden Furniture Design. Starry Night Time in Stylish Backyard Garden with Wooden Porch with Wall and Planters Illuminated by Modern LED Lighting.
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Choosing the correct lighting dynamic can be difficult because your house and garden’s appearance should match. Modern LED lights on a period, red-brick abode may not work; brass lamps on a modern decking the same. However, investing in high-quality products is essential if you frequently use this outdoor area. 

5. Container Plants

Plants in Patio
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If you have little in the way of soil for your plants, potted plants make a fantastic alternative, and by separating plant strains, gardeners have more control over the outcome of each one. A busy, foliage-covered patio may not be feasible for all, but one or two healthy plants will make any patio nicer.

6. Pergolas

White poolside pergola, gazebo providing shade on a terrace patio area next to an infinity swimming pool at dusk as the sunset turns the sky pink orange.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

With a pergola, you are essentially creating another outdoor room. Pergolas can be painted to match your color code; they provide excellent shade, a space to hang fairy lights, and a great opportunity to plant climbers such as roses or bougainvillea. They also look cool if done properly. 

7. Parasols

Wooden, yellow sofa couch with umbrella at the outdoor patio. With green tree and blue sky nature background.
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If planting shade-giving trees or pergolas isn’t an option, investing in a large parasol can be. It is also a good alternative to fitted awnings, which can be expensive. The other benefit: parasols offer privacy, especially from unwanted nosy people or neighboring Karens. 

8. Built-in Seating

Built-in Seating in Patio
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A patio without seating is like a bath without faucets. However, if space doesn’t allow for a garden table and chairs, using the perimeter for seating is always possible. By building a wooden perimeter seating bench with raised flowerbeds, you can have a planting and entertainment area while keeping the size of your plot. 

9. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen in Patio
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Cooking outdoors for most people sounds like a nightmare, but there are many cheap solutions for a fully-functional al-fresco kitchen. Using tiles to create worktops alongside a simple pizza oven or grill is easy. Nothing says summertime more than outdoor cooking. 

10. Hanging Chairs

Hanging Chairs in Patio
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

There are many hanging chairs: from the egg-shaped static chair to the family swing couch or a hammock-style. Not only do hanging chairs look cool, but they will also save lots of ground space for plants. Hanging chairs are a sign of a healthy patio.

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