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How To Make Silver Bell Christmas Ornaments Using Jello Molds

Make silver bell Christmas ornaments made using mini bell shaped Jell-O molds.

If you’re a crafter it’s time to start working on Christmas projects and we have a ton of inspiration for you right here. My silver bell Christmas ornaments are made with mini jello molds, a template/stencil, white spray paint, and super simple hangers. We have 31 days of Handmade Christmas Ornaments ideas for you right here.

mini bell shaped jello molds for Christmas ornament project

I found the 3 bell shaped jello molds at a local antique/thrift shop. At $1 each they were a little pricey but I knew they were perfect ornament material.

paper for craft projects

I had these paper templates or cutouts or decorative papers in my junk stash. Not sure what to call them. The pad of templates came from Tuesday Morning.

ready to spray paint a Christmas Ornament

The bell Christmas ornaments are easy to make and take no time at all. I started the project by laying the paper stencil on the bell (hollow side down) and spraying lightly with white spray paint.

Rustoleum Heirloom Satin Spray Paint

And that’s it for the paint job. This is my first time to use spray paint on a stencil. I may have to try that again. Rustoleum Satin Heirloom White is one of my favorite colors. (find here on Amazon) Not too white and perfect for this project. Moving on to the hanger.

supplies for handmade Christmas ornaments

It took me a while to decide on a hanger for the bell ornaments. Ribbon seemed a bit heavy and the twine I had on hand was too thin looking.

I tried numerous other materials but nothing looked right. After sleeping on it overnight I had a plan. I used the twine as a hanger and knotted a strip of ribbon around the twine.

hot glue for hanger

The only thing left to do was attach the hanger to the ornament. I used hot glue and held the ribbon/twine combo to the bell with a popsicle stick until the glue set. The popsicle stick is a finger saver. Sometimes I use tweezers but I couldn’t locate them in my newly organized workshop.

make Handmade Christmas Ornaments using mini jello molds and white spray paint

The ornaments turned out so well I’m on the hunt for more bell shaped jello molds. If I don’t find any around town I know there must be some on eBay.

Silver Bell Christmas Ornaments Handmade With Love

I like the small repeating design above. The design looks a little blurred toward the middle of the ornament and that’s because the ornament had a slight dip in the middle. The flat surface is easy to bend out of shape.

silver bell Christmas Ornament handmade by Petticoat Junktion 1

The flower design is pretty too. There are all kinds of small stencil designs that would work on the molds and no one says you have to stick to white spray paint.

I made Christmas ornaments using vintage Christmas cards and they are really special. You can see them here….DIY Vintage Christmas Card Ornaments Kids Can Make Too

handmade Silver Bell Ornaments

I’m thinking gold spray paint or even pale pink would be pretty on the silver background.

Homemade Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Silvver Bell Christmas Ornaments

What do you think? Want to make a few of the Silver Bell Christmas ornaments? Leave a note and take the Christmas ornament blog hop by clicking on the photo links below.

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. These are so neat! The stencils are a great idea! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday recently!

  2. That’s the neatest thing. I will have to find something, maybe cookie cutters, to try the technique.

  3. You’ve got me singing Christmas carols and wanting to go junking! Love this project.

  4. These are so cute! I love the designs you added, those paper template designs are so unique! <3

  5. These turned out absolutely adorable. My mother only does silver and white on her tree…she would love these! I may need to think about making them for her.

  6. That was genius to use the stencils on the Jello molds. They are beautiful. Pinned!

  7. Quick, easy and they look amazing. These silver bell ornaments are adorable Kathy!!
    I had a little chuckle about you not being able to find your tweezers in your newly organised workshop. That’s always me when I do a big clean up…. sometimes ‘things’ need to be out on show so we can access them quickly.
    Happily pinning and sharing on FB today.

  8. What a great idea! Love the way you take a simple item and spice it up. Now you’ve got my wheels turning, thinking about other little items that might make great ornaments. . . thank you!

  9. Oh, these are totally adorable! I need to find some little molds….and maybe cookie cutters, too. You are just amazing with these kinds of ideas. Thanks so much for sharing with us! XOXO Susie from The Chelsea Project

  10. I love these! I just found a set of vintage tartlet tins at a sale and everyone said, make ornaments. Now I see why…darling!

  11. I just love your idea. Everything to the jello molds to the stencils. Just as cute and fun as can be. Your Christmas tree is going to be a delight for your grandbabies this year, Kathy.

  12. You are so talented, Kathy! I love how you can take just anything and make it into something beautiful. xo

  13. Kathy, you were so clever to see the potential in those jello molds to turn them into ornaments. The stenciling looks amazing, too! You’ve inspired me to look at items that could become ornaments in a whole new way.

    Thanks for joining us again on the blog hop. Love your creativity!

  14. These are sooo cute, I love the stencil on them, I have some old molds I could do this too, thanks Kathy!

  15. Hi Kathy,

    These are so simple and clever and very pretty. I think I even have a few antique ones sitting around that would be perfect for the tree. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  16. Kathy, how cute and clever. I love stencilling and have collected so many, I’ve lost count over the years.

    What a great way to put my stencil stash to fresh, new use. Simple and adorable. Right up my alley.

  17. My vintage loving heart is in love with these! I’ll be on the lookout for mini jello tins to make a few of my own!