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How To Decorate Your Mantel For Fall

This is my favorite mantel display out of all the ones I’ve created over the years. I chose to go with traditional Fall colors, and the vintage framed print I bought at the Nashville Flea Market in September is the focal point of the display.

Decorating the mantel with Fall colors (9)
Decorating a fireplace mantel with traditional Fall colors.

I finished decorating the mantel a few weeks ago. I’m just behind on posting, but I promise to do better! You know it used to take me hours to decorate the mantel when changing it up with the seasons or for different holidays. Now it takes maybe 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many times I have to run out to the workshop for another item or two.

Decorating the mantel with Fall colors (5)

Do you love the vintage framed print as much as I do? The frame is beat up and chippy and the print might be just a bit aged but the colors are still vibrant. I paid $20 for the print but it’s one of those things that just spoke to me. I bet you’ve been there too.

how to decorate the fireplace mantel with Fall colors (2)

When I decided the print would be the focal point or one of the focal points for the mantel display, I went to the workshop to see what I could use with it. I was looking for items with traditional Fall colors. The wreath and pumpkins are left over from years past. I love those pumpkins because of the textures. Texture in decorating adds dimension and keeps any display from feeling flat.

Rustic home decor sign made with Chalk Couture transfers and paste.


If you saw my last Thrift Store Decor post, you’ve seen the Our Home DIY sign. If not, isn’t it cute? I made it using a reclaimed piece of wood and Chalk Couture transfers and paste. The skeleton key and pretty ribbon were the perfect finishing touches.

Decorating the mantel with Fall colors (4)

I bought the wood pumpkin at Bargain Hunt a few years ago. I think I bought the velvet pumpkin at a flea market but I can’t remember. The orangish container with the faux succulent is a thrift store buy.The gate/green rusty rail thing came from a flea market. I really like using unique items when decorating.

 Decorating the mantel with Fall colors (3)

The basket is a TJ Maxx purchase from a few years ago. At one time, I filled it with seashells and a faux plant. The Fall leaf stems are just set into the empty basket, and they came from Hobby Lobby.

decorate the fireplace mantel and hearth for Fall using vintage items

The green metal toolbox is really nice. It opens up in the middle and both sides lift up and have tiered trays. I bought it from the Heartland Hoarders (Rodney and Carol) at the Nashville Flea Market. Off the subject but I miss the old Nashville Flea Market and talking with all the vendor friends I made over the years.

Decorating the mantel with Fall colors (6)

The brass (or copper) coal scuttle came from an estate sale in Nashville. I fell in love with it. Who could resist those pretty stamped details? As you can tell from this post, I decorate with things I love and most of them are old and worn. The plant is artificial and in a black pot. I just set the whole thing in the brass can. I put a coffee cup in the bottom of the coal scuttle to lift the plant to the perfect height.

Traditional Fall wreath

Do you like decorating with traditional Fall colors or do you have your own favorite color scheme for Fall? What is your favorite part of the mantel? I can’t pick a favorite. I love it all.

Oh, I forgot to mention the old bed spring the velvet pumpkin is sitting on. I use those bed springs to hold ornaments, teacups, etc. Any other ideas for me?

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How to decorate the front porch with mums, pumpkins, and junky stuff

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  1. Hello! Love the mantel, rustic and pretty it not cluttered at all. I’ve just discovered your site and can’t stop reading. My home was built around 1875 and I love decorating it. You are my new inspiration!