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Vintage School Lockers I Passed Up Because Of Price

Vintage School Lockers

Why do you think vintage school lockers are so pricy? Is it because of the nostalgia factor? I sure remember the days when I used a locker. I even remember what a big deal locker day was at our school. We went to school and were assigned our lockers a couple of weeks before school started. It was a BIG deal. If you didn’t go to school on locker day you didn’t get a good locker….usually meaning a top locker.

Vintage School Lockers I Passed On Because Of Price

Vintage School Lockers

The lockers I spotted at the Southern Kentucky Flea Market in Guthrie, Kentucky are full length standing lockers. Maybe they are gym lockers. The blue color is really pretty and the lockers have just the right amount of aging. I had to pass them up at $120 for the set.

Pushing Up Daisies booth at the Southern Kentucky Flea Market

I always visit this booth when I go to the flea market in Guthrie. She has the coolest stuff and she knows how to display things. The name of the booth is Pushing Up Daisies. Cool Name.

display with old photographs and metal drawers

This is one of the displays in the booth. Black and white photos and metal drawers along with a giant drop cloth curtain.

tarmished silverplate trays

Tarnished silver-plated trays and bowls sitting on an antique dresser.

antique iron bed

Moving on to other booths in the flea market. The twin bed was too much for me too although I can’t remember the price….maybe $95. Not a bad price but over my budget.

Halloween display at the flea market in Guthrie Kentucky

The antique sofa frame makes a nice backdrop for the Halloween display.

flea market purchases

I bought a few small things. And I got a good deal on all of them.

framed Mother's Day Print

The framed Mother’s Day print was $3.

Mother's Day Poem

The poem reads “Darling Mother…This loving wish for happiness on Mother’s Day, once more is made of pleasant thoughts of You from Memory’s treasured store”! How sweet. I will probably hang the print in Mom’s room at the Nursing Home.

vintage mirror

The mirror was $4. I plan to clean it up and add ribbon or cord of some type to replace the missing hanger. I’m assuming that is what the two holes at the top are for.

2 dollar pumpkin centerpiece

The pumpkin display was really sad but for $2 I can afford to fix it up. I have candles and better looking faux leaves in my stash.

old clothespins

The blue bottle was $2, the clothes pins were $1.99, and the three bell jello molds were $3. The molds were a little pricy but I see Christmas ornaments in my future. That’s it for my finds and now I want to give you a look at my clean, organized workshop. It really happened!

This is the messy workshop…..

Messy workshop Petticoat Juntkion 11


Workshop Disorganization Petticoat Junktion

Now get a look at my cleaned up space with lots of open floor space.

Owen Workshop

almost organized shelves in the Owen Workshop


furniture for painting


organized workshop

I decided to try to keep just a few furniture project pieces in the shop at one time. Also stop buying and hoarding so much little stuff. The kinds of things I love! I do feel much better now that I can move around in the workshop and actually have space to work.

See what we bought at auction along with prices here….Furniture and Silver Auction Buys.

Did you see something at the flea market you liked? Let me know. See you tomorrow.

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. I got one locker for $35. Painted the inside lime green and the outside black and use it in a bedroom. It is filled with small purses and some shoes. Love, love, love it!
    Always enjoy the pictures you share with us. Keep posting them.

  2. I love going to yard sales but I don’t like having them. I too feel much lighter with the workshop decluttered. Time to do my house again, lol.

  3. Had a yard sale today. Very few buyers. Donated remainder, or put in consignment. Took out 50 things, only brought in 6! Pretty good day. I feel “lighter”.
    You have made good decisions. Proactive process makes you feel better right away.
    Thanks for sharing photos of finds and clean space!!

  4. Hi, Kathy!
    That is a tad too high for the old lockers. Wouldn’t they make some nice storage space, though? I love that old picture frame in front of the lockers. The Mother’s Day pic you bought is precious.

  5. Well, who IS buying those pricey lockers?? Maybe home decorators who work for rich people!

    Wow, your clean-up looks awesome! It sounds like a lot of work, but worth it.

    I am trying to clean out many areas in my whole house, little by little. Sorting is exhausting, I think. Too many decisions to make.

    That antique settee frame is beautiful. It would need a lot of work replacing the upholstery. It wouldn’t be my thing, but if I had the money I’d pay someone to do it.

    You got some good stuff, Kathy. The little floral picture with the verse is sweet and I’ll be interested to see what you do to fancy up the pumpkin stand.

  6. Holy cow!! Your garage clean up is beautiful! I just finished a huge clean up in our garage in the woods. (summer place) I can totally appreciate your beautiful job! Mine took me 6 weeks this summer!
    We store 27 years worth of tools, clothing, linens etc in ours to free up the limited living area. Updates will be done every year now!
    Love the sweet picture for your mom’s room. (((HUG)))

  7. I need to find my garage floor, too! I want to make a wood-working shop for myself. Nothing too elaborate to start with. I must find that elusive floor!!!

  8. Hi Marsha, It’s indoors and open Friday – Sunday every weekend. I don’t know the address but just drive up 79 to Guthrie, turn right at the stop sign where the gas station is, then the market is down on the right past the flower/vegetable market. Haha, how is that for directions.

  9. I am curious about the flea market in Guthrie? Is it an every weekend thing? Do you have an address? I would love to go up there and look around sometime.

  10. HI old lockers seems to be the in thing right now. I have been seeing them a lot on let go and fb market place. They would be great for storage or in a entry way but the price has gone through the roof lately.

  11. It’s winding down on flea market/garage sale season in our area – too bad! But the last few I’ve been to I was able to pick up quite a few small things. Like a small iron that I can use for crafting instead of my good one. Anyway, I’ve seen old lockers too with prices that are just out of sight. Love them but not the price. And I just finished cleaning up my work area too. It feels so much better with space to work. Have a great day and keep Kreating Kathy!!!

  12. Great finds! I need to clean my garage work space but since its in the upper 90s in Texas right now I am going to wait for a little cooler weather before I start hauling stuff out and putting it back in. I love reading your posts, you remind me of myself so much!