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Selling At The Flea Market? 10 Tips For Making Big Money

For any entrepreneur or creator, a flea market is an excellent alternative to a brick-and-mortar store or selling your goods online. If you choose the flea market route, sticking to a strategy to maximize sales week-over-week is best. Recently, experienced flea market sellers met in an online discussion to reveal their tips and techniques to make the most money at these events!

1. Book the Same Spot Every Time

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In the flea market world, consistency is critical. Even if the vast majority of flea market shoppers are new to the scene, booking the same space each week caters to those who regularly visit the flea markets. In addition, by positioning yourself as a seller who is a friendly face, you are presenting yourself as a trusted seller worthy of a customer’s repeat business. 

2. Don’t Try To Win a Price War

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If you find yourself selling similar items to other vendors, don’t stress! Avoid the urge to participate in a price war with others, as that will only turn into a race to the bottom. You don’t want to be known as a “budget” vendor – maintaining an identity as a seller of quality merchandise at a great value is paramount.

3. Use Professional Signage

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The difference between a well-made sign and something you hastily drew up before the flea market opened could be the difference between a hugely-profitable day or an all-time bad one.

“A professional-looking shop sign can also convey a sense of trust to your customers,” says one savvy expert. “Instead of just seeing a bunch of random items strewn across a table, they are more likely to see an actual business with high-quality and valuable products.”

4. Be Friendly, But Not Overbearing

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If you want to make big money, be friendly. Successful flea market vendors confess they say hello to most people who walk by their booth or table, offering to answer any questions a potential customer may have. The kiss of death for vendors is earning the “unfriendly” label, as that’s a reputation that’s hard to shake. 

5. Don’t Pressure Customers

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It’s second nature to want to jump on a customer who picks up an item for sale with curiosity. However, nobody wants to deal with a pushy vendor at a flea market. According to many experienced flea market vendors, pressuring customers is the single quickest way to lose them – permanently!

6. Don’t Forget About Business Cards

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Although they seem like relics from a forgotten era, there’s a huge upside to handing out business cards at flea markets. After all, you want a potential customer to keep you in mind long after they leave.

“Provide business cards to passers-by so that if they see something they like, don’t buy it, but return home and decide they want it, they can reach you and make the purchase,” one expert advises. “You can also offer shipping as an option so that those customers don’t have to make a return trip.”

7. Show Off Your Best Pieces 

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Just like Dwight Shrute and his roadside beet stand in The Office, you must put your best pieces and items front and center to draw attention at a flea market – consider these items the “money beets.”

This includes high-value, interesting-looking, and rare items that entice buyers to check your entire area – not just the area closest to foot traffic. After all, most flea market-goers are just window shopping, so the more you can do to attract them, the higher your sales will become!

8. Utilize Social Media

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Treat your upcoming flea market appearance as an event. Feel free to utilize social media to drum up potential business – or even give followers a discount.

“If you’re selling at a particular market on Saturday, blast that out to your followers and provide them with a 20 percent discount offer if they mention your social media post,” one man explains. “Followers who may not have intended to go to the market that weekend may be enticed to go if they know a 20 percent discount awaits them.”

9. Don’t Be Discouraged 

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Every business has rough sales days, so don’t take it personally if you experience a few bad days. Instead, a positive mindset is crucial to “staying the course” and not overreacting to one day’s trends. After all, if you’re a reputable vendor selling great products at a fair price, you have nothing to be discouraged about! The money will come. 

10. Create a Social Media Page For Your Business

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Above all else, remember that even though you’re selling at a flea market, your business is no different than any other – so treat it accordingly. For example, make a social media page to legitimize your flea market setup. “Your business is likely to sell more if you actually treat it like a business,” says one woman. “Today, that means having some kind of an online presence.” Source: Quora

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