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More Collectible Vintage Items At Bargain Basement Prices

The auction is my newest favorite place to find collectible vintage items and old rusty stuff and I got some doozies this time. I know how you guys enjoy looking at my auction goodies so here we go with my buys from the last auction.

vintage finds at bargain prices

The prices have been good the last couple of weeks because some of the bidders who buy up a bunch of the stuff and run the prices up have been absent.

Good for me and some of the other bidders but not so good for the auction house. They’ve decided to change the auctions to twice monthly instead of every week so they have time to find quality items and in the end, higher prices.

where to find collectible vintage items at bargain prices

I spent between $60 and $70 for the collectible vintage items and rusty junky stuff you see in the truck bed. The priciest were the gallon jugs at $10 each so that ran up the total price.

how to buy items to resell

When I was previewing the items before the auction I spotted the junky rusty lantern and knew it was for me……if the price was right. Well, it was. The last purchase of my night was this lantern plus two more lanterns and two galvanized buckets for $7. A steal.

vintage red lantern purchased at an auction

The red lantern will look nice in Christmas decor or Fourth of July decorations.

old green lantern bought for bargain price at an auction

The green lantern is pretty awesome. You guys know how I feel about green stuff.

small galvanized bucket was an inexpensive buy at the auction

I got a small galvanized bucket….

large galvanized bucket

…and a large galvanized bucket. Wait until you see my next find!

vintage Hand-e-washboard

It’s a Hand-E-Washboard…..small, cute, and cheap at $2. Can you believe that price.

antique Hand E Washboard

I looked up the washboard and found out it was made in the 1930’s. I had no idea it was that old. I plan to keep the washboard. I haven’t checked yet but it would be nice if it was magnetic.


The above buy was a dud. I didn’t notice it before the auction and the guy holding the auction was telling us it was Indian pottery and old. I bid $10 for it and it looks to me like it came from the Dollar Store.

That’s one reason I like to preview before the auction and get a close up view of everything. This was one of many learning experiences.

vintage red lid Hoosier jar

I paid $6 for the red lid wide mouth jar. I think it might be a Hoosier jar but not sure. It was worth the money. I plan to keep the jar, at least for a while.

vintage Hanson kitchen scale with a stainless steel top

I fell in love with the kitchen scales too. Hanson is the brand and I can’t find a single one like it on the internet. I paid only $4 for this beauty. It’s a keeper too.

stainless steel drink shaker with red strips

The cocktail shaker was $3. I don’t have a plan for this piece.

rusty white vintage fencing

The 6 section rusty fencing was $7.50. I plan to keep the fencing too. Any ideas what to do with it….besides the usual. I need a think-outside-of-the-box idea.

Antique Atlas gallon jar with handle

As I mentioned earlier I paid $10 each for 3 old gallon jars. I like the jars with the metal handles.

metal Atlas jar lid

The lid has an A which I assume stands for Atlas.

vintage gallon jar with metal Ball lid

This gallon jar with handle has a Ball lid.

vintage finds are inexpensive at the auction

collectible vintage items

I think that’s everything. What was your favorite? Any project ideas for me? Let’s hear them. I have a furniture project and a fun recycled plant container project for later this week. Maybe.

Seems it takes me longer and longer to get a post together. Thanks for being here, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. Love your stash of junque you scored, especially the gallon jugs and the fencing! I went to a second-hand store recently and saw fencing exactly like that and it was NFS!!! one suggestion I have for your fencing would to be around a Christmas tree!

  2. Love all of your finds! I’m drawn to the same kinds of things you are! I have accumulated an “unintentional” (it just happened!) collection of washboards, but I have never seen a small one like the one you got! I use the washboards to decorate my laundry/utility room. They make me smile every time.

  3. Just love ❤️ the washboard. I have 3 of the regular size The garden fencing could be used as window treatment with garden tools attached

  4. The jar with the red lid looks like one I have that is a 8 O’clock coffee jar.

  5. What fun! I love looking for great finds too. You could use the wire fencing in your Christmas decor to display photos or Christmas cards. Would look great on a buffet or mantel or wall even with cards clipped to it with mini clothes pins.

  6. The cocktail shaker looks like it has potential to be the base for a small lamp—the chrome is very 40’s-50’s.

  7. I have a love affair with any kind of lanterns, especially rusty ones! I’d use all three of them in some type of vignette. I was going to electrify one of mine, but instead, took a string of LED white christmas lights and stuffed it inside the glass. Now when the lights come on at dusk, it kind of looks like a whole bunch of fireflies in there!

  8. Great finds! I especially like the red lantern to use as decor for Christmas and Fourth of July. And the little hand washboard. Never saw one like that! I’m also partial to the glass jars, can’t believe they have the lids too! Oh heck….love the whole haul!

  9. I used old fencing like that to make an outdoor chandelier. Form into a circle and connect with wire. I had a bunch of crystals from an old fixture and some beautiful beads. Attached them. I also had some lovely glass birds I hung down from the center of the fixture. I used some old chain to hang it from a tree branch in the garden.

  10. Love the stuff – the scale, the washboard, the lanterns (especially the light-colored one), and the jars – that’s the order of what i like the best! have fun! wish we had auctions here!

  11. The small pottery peice seems too detailed for dollar store. Is there a marking of any kind on it? Would not get rid of it for a bit. Would look fantastic with a small nosegay of flowers, maybe with a slim candle . . . Nice small gift for someone who gardens.

    Enjoy your site and laugh when I see some of the “goodies” you find that remind me of
    cleaning out my mother’s house when she passed. My garage still has JUNK as my husband calls it, but some things still tug at my heart and hard to let go, right? Maybe tomorrow . . . laughing! Or maybe for my kids to groan over . . . paybacks are heck . . .