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Spray Paint Black And White Decor

How To Spray Paint Black and White Decor

I used different types of decals on furniture and home accessories to spray paint black and white decor with attitude. The makeovers were really quick and the results are awesome.

The finished looks are fun and whimsical and a couple of the styles have a designer feel….to me. I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar décor in high end shops.

I painted 2 star chairs,  a polka dot potty seat/flower planter, and a graphic photo frame that would make a great gift.

You can do these projects and make them your own by using your favorite color of spray paint, sticky decals, and any thing at home that needs a new look.

Spray Paint Black and White Decor

Black And White Decor Using Spray Paint And Decals

This little potty chair with the polka dots is the cutest. I got the idea for these projects while working on the primitive black hutch.

black and white spray painted polka dot inspiration

I spray painted the knobs for the hutch black and they were sitting on a white piece of heavy paper. The white dots left where the knobs were sitting had me thinking black and white décor. It’s really trending now and well, it’s fun and classy.

two chairs for decoupage projects

The first projects today are the two chairs I bought for $10 at a local flea market. My plan when I bought the chairs was to decoupage them with a bold fabric.

gold star decals

Then I ran across these gold star decals while going through a box of scrap book paper in the workshop last week. Light Bulb Moment. I think I used a few of these in a project but I don’t remember what it was!

school chair spray painted white

The plan was to do only one chair, paint it white, cover it with gold stars, spray paint it black, pull the stars off. The first order of business was to paint the chair white.

put star decals on furniture then spray paint the furniture and remove the decals for a fun paint finish

Once the spray paint was dry I laid out a pattern of sorts with the star decals. It was just kind of willy nilly. You guys know I’m not much on symmetrical décor.

black spray paint over star decals

Next I sprayed the chair with black paint. I used what I had on hand which was Krylon High Heat Spray Paint in black. I think the JTS got it at an auction. I have several cans of it.

spray paint chipped on furniture project

Time to pull off the decals before the paint dries really well. This part is delicate. You don’t want to scrape off any of the black paint with your fingernails but those stars have to come off.

As you can see the white paint came off with one of the stars. I thought “Well that’s ruined”. Then I figured out “How to make it work”.

when spray painting furniture goes wrong

I used a utility knife to scrape off the rest of the white paint on the messed up star. The cool thing that makes this work is the original color of the chair. It’s kind of gold and works with the black and white paint.

black spray paint and star decals make fun furniture

I brushed on a coat of clear satin Minwax poly acrylic to seal the paint and keep the stars from chipping. Now isn’t that chair fun. I think it’s designer worthy.

black spray paint and star decals turn a ho hum chair into a work of art

The chair looks good with my porcelain topped turquoise table I use as a desk in the workshop.

diy star chair is fun and whimsical

I think I’ll keep this chair and the other one for Sofi and her friend to use at their table in the shop. I bet they like the star chairs. Next star chair makeover coming up…..

protect furniture from spray paint overspray

When I stuck the gold stars to the white painted chair I thought it was a really cool look but I had “The Plan” which meant going with the black  spray paint over the stars.

But…..I have another chair. I spray painted it white, added star decals all over the chair, then spray painted the metal chair legs gold.

white chair with gold stars

And the second chair was as pretty as the first. How do you like the gold star on the back of the chair?

how to spray paint a chair white and add gold stars

I placed all these stars willy nilly too….in a perfectly imperfect pattern that looks just right. I used the Minwax poly acrylic on the chair to keep those gold stars down. The gold metallic legs really shine.

potty chair planter project

Moving on to the third project with round decals. I bought the wood potty chair at my favorite junk shop. I like using the old potty chairs as flower planters. They just need painting and maybe a stenciled design or polka dots. The orange round stickers are for pricing items I  sell in my booth. All of the supplies I used in these makeovers were from my stash of STUFF.

spray paint a wood potty chair and turn it into a planter

I used the same Krylon High Heat spray paint on the potty chair.

black and white polka dot potty chair turned planter

I had a little more luck peeling the orange stickers from the potty chair.

silver pot to spray paint black

I needed a plant container for the chair and I found the silver pot pictured above and painted it black to match the chair.

wood potty chair repurposed into a black and white trendy flower planter

I knew the brightly colored artificial cabbage roses would look great against the black paint. I haven’t been to the nursery to buy my Spring/Summer flowers yet.

Create Timeless Black And White Decor Using Spray Paint And Decals

I plan to buy bold colored flowers to go in the repurposed potty chair. Maybe fuchsia Geraniums or yellow Gerber Daisies. We’ll see.

use decals and spray paint to add a graphic design to an unfinished photo frame

Last project for the day is a photo frame. The frame was brand new and unfinished wood. I used rectangular pricing stickers for this makeover.

spray paint a wod picture frame

The paint is Rustoleum Flat Black Primer. Another paint from my stash.

square mother's day with color added

I always save my Mother’s Day cards from the kids. This one looks great in the frame. I could have made all kinds of designs on the plain frame but went with this simple look.

picture frame for Bride's invitation

Of course you can use the frame for anything….even a picture. The photo above shows the frame holding a wedding invitation.

Make a quick and easy frame for Mom as a gift for any occasion

I really had fun with these projects. The ideas for decals/stickers and spray paint are endless. You can use rectangular or round stickers and make all kinds of designs or if you have kids or grandkids buy a few mermaid or unicorn stickers and paint up a toy box. The kids will love you.

Trendy black and white decor is easy to create with a can of spray paint and decals

Create Timeless Black And White Decor Using Spray Paint And Decals

Have you got any ideas for me? Leave a note even if you just say HI. I’m working on that vintage bed I bought a few weeks ago. The color will be a total surprise.

As always, thanks for being here and have a great day, Kathy

Products used in this project … Rustoleum Heirloom Satin, Rustoleum Black Primer, Star Decals (similar), Minwax Poly, Krylon High Heat Spray Paint.

Video from a couple of years ago on spray painting and distressing home accessories….

How to Distress Home Accessories

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Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. These are fun to see. Love potty planters -so cute. My fave is the white with gold stars ?

  2. Absolutely love your black and white chairs. How would some type of trailing flower look in that neat potty chair?

  3. I like the idea of using the stickers to create designs, Kathy. I like the projects you used the stars on the best. Stars are one of my favorite shapes. I’d do stars on a picture frame, I think. Then put the bright stars in my life–my four grandsons–in the frame.

    Thanks for sharing these projects!

  4. I like the black and white re-style! But I really like the white chair with the gold stars – and yes, one star on the back looks great! That little star just had to light up the back to give everyone something to look at. I adore the potty chair and pink flowers really look great in it! I’d go with the fuchsia geraniums!

  5. Hi Kathy, What a great bunch of spray paint projects, the stickers worked great!! I love that lil potty chair planter, it is so fun!

  6. Kathy,
    Love the design of the stars on the black chair, especially with the one gold star. Exceptional!!! The frame is great also. I have a puffy paper mache frame in the shape of a heart. How cute would that look using this method. thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Hi! I’ve got a couple cute little potty chairs that are about to get a new identity 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.