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Create A Luxurious Space For Your House Guests

Everyone hopes their home is warm and welcoming for themselves and their guests. There are simple and relatively inexpensive ways to achieve this cozy feeling. Try these things to make your home a luxurious space for you and your house guests.

1. Put Candles Everywhere

Candle decoration at home
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Putting candles throughout your home provides light and a lovely atmosphere, especially in the evenings. Real candles are an excellent choice, particularly when they are scented. Vanilla is my favorite scent. But if you want to be safer, faux candles are the better option and look just as pretty.

2. Add Throws and Blankets to Your Couches and Chairs

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There’s nothing quite as cozy as a soft blanket. Whether it’s a small throw or an extra-large fluffy blanket, adding these to every room adds color, texture, and character to your chairs and couches.

Blankets also have an undeniably homey quality. Whether it’s a resident or guest, seeing them signifies sitting down and cuddling up.

3. Flowers and Plants

Woman smelling fresh flowers in room
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What better way to bring beauty into your home than with flowers and plants? Fresh greenery or your favorite blossoms add color and warmth to any room. I always love having fresh flowers on tables throughout my home, with daisies, roses, and lilies as favorites.

Of course, you can achieve the same beauty with faux plants. These are also the more affordable and practical options because they’ll last forever. You can find lovely fake plants that look very realistic at Michael’s and Home Goods.

4. Paint Walls with Warm or Soft Colors

Beautiful bedroom with soft painting
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Painting various rooms is one of the simplest ways to refresh your house and make it cheery. The best colors are warm, soft, and bright such as whites, creams, yellows, blues, and greens.

Even pastels such as light pink or lavender will help you to achieve that inviting feel. There’s a reason Monica and Rachel’s apartment on Friends feels so welcoming. Did you ever notice that it’s painted light purple?

5. Lots of Pillows

adults with throw pillows
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Having many pillows on couches, chairs, and beds always looks snuggly to me. While some feel too many pillows are needlessly fussy, pillows add so much to a room. Whether they have slipcovers or are solid colors, they make spaces prettier. Velvet pillows are the most inviting because they are so soft. They are great for playtime too!

6. Books Everywhere

Books at home
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Having unique and interesting books piled up on tables or shelves lined with many books is another terrific way to make a homestead welcoming. It looks nice from a decorating standpoint but also suggests to guests that your home is one where you are welcome to examine and explore. I always try to make your home feel like the library in Beauty and the Beast. Even if it’s much less grand, it gives your house individuality.

7. Board Games

 People playing Board Games
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Having board games around your home is an unconventional but fun way to create an inviting atmosphere. You can buy classic games such as Scrabble, Clue, Monopoly, and Parcheesi that look old-fashioned and put them on display on a shelf or table. This makes any living space unique and says to everyone- let’s play a game.

8. Unique and Cheery Wall and Shelf Décor

Shelf decor
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Wall and shelf décor is a fantastic way to create individuality in your homestead. It also can add to a desired homey and inviting vibe. I love to fill my home with unique pieces that are happy in feel and are close to my heart, such as Disney-themed prints or figures, movie or travel posters, or beautiful artwork.

9. Music

Music system
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Filling a home with music is always inviting. But in this case, you can achieve that genuinely warm and inviting vibe with musical instruments and players. A piano is a beautiful piece and can be the center of your home that everyone gathers around.

The same can be said for stereos, records, and CD players. These may be outdated, but they can create a vintage flare in any space and make people feel welcome.

10. Area Rugs

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Rugs are a fantastic and simple way to bring a room together. While they can be expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment. And it helps to make a room feel warmer. On the show Gilmore Girls, Lorelai Gilmore even says when dropping her daughter Rory off at college that she wants “a rug for your room to make it cozy.” Indeed, area rugs make any room more agreeable.

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