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Unpacking Boxes And Boxes Of Auction Buys + Junk Shop Video Tour

Don’t miss the junk shop video tour in this post.

Guys I’ve been on a total junkin’ marathon. I bought several large box lots of odds and ends at an auction,  made a trip to my favorite junk shop,  went up to the Guthrie Kentucky Flea Market, and got a freebie project from my Sister. Wait until you see all the junk. I made a video of the junk shop. It’s a doozy.

Auction Haul Vintage S & P Shakers, Silver Plate, Scary Halloween, More

First we’re going through the 7 box lots of stuff I got at the auction plus some loose items like a vintage suitcase. This is the first box of goodies. Look at all that silver plate.

box lot auction buys 17

I even got a Pyrex measuring cup in this box. That made the purchase worth it since I only paid $2 for this box of goodies.

box lot auction buys 18

Nice cross on a leather string. Most of the stuff I purchased will be going to my booths. One of my booths has been kind of empty and I needed to restock. With our paint projects in the house and trips to Arkansas I haven’t been keeping up my booths as I should. Got to have stuff in the booths to sell to at least make booth rent. I hate to pay booth rent out of my pocket.

box lot auction buys 19

I thought these “branch” pieces were just decorative but come to find out they are hangers. I kept them and am thinking of mounting them on a board of some kind to use as jewelry hangers.

box lot auction buys 20

I would really like to keep a lot of this stuff but again, I’m trying to downsize my stash.

box lot auction buys 21

I kept all of the silver plate frames. They may show up in my Fall décor or Halloween display.

box lot auction buys 22

More odds and ends from this one box. Can you believe I got all of this stuff for $2?

box lot auction buys 23

There’s the measuring cup I was talking about and a cat lover will want that ceramic cat.

box lot auction buys

This box lot was the most expensive. All of the lots were $1-$2 except the box of Halloween décor. I got it for my daughter who loves to decorate for Halloween.

box lot auction buys 1

I sent her photos of the goodies. My grandson is excited about decorating for Halloween. We have to make a trip to Florida to see them and deliver the goods. My son-in-law retired from the Coast Guard last year and they live in Florida! Not a bad place to visit.


box lot auction buys 2

All of these “tombstones” were in the box. I paid $10 for the box of stuff.

box lot auction buys 4

The suitcase is all stained up but for $1 I can deal with it. Find the Red River Auction, Clarksville TN website here.

box lot auction buys 5

The framed fruit picture was $1 also.

box lot auction buys 6

The black and white ink drawing was $1 and I couldn’t find any info on the artist so I guess it’s not worth much. Already sold it and the fruit print above.

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box lot auction buys 7

This was my least favorite box lot. I kept two of the books to read so I got my $1 worth.

box lot auction buys 8

I made a record bowl like this one time only I used a red record. I mailed it to my sister-in-law in Arkansas and it arrived in pieces. Darn mail service. It’s hard to find a red album. You can make these record bowls using a heat gun and inverted coffee can or bowl of some type.

Unpacking Boxes And Boxes Of Auction Buys A Video Junk Shop Tour

Another $2 box lot. This was a good one too.

box lot auction buys 10

A lot of silver plate goodies.


box lot auction buys 11

The pen and stand is Brighton.


box lot auction buys 12

The iron key bottle opener new in box has a price tag of $12.99 on the back.

box lot auction buys 13

This vase/urn was really pretty. I sold it too. The colors were so pretty. I don’t know if it is cloisonné or not.

box lot auction buys 14

I kept a few of these silver plate pieces for myself.

box lot auction buys 15

I’m selling the Hallmark ornament too.

box lot auction buys 24

Another box lot of odds and ends.


box lot auction buys 25

The creamer and sugar minus lid are from Restoration Hardware. I’m only keeping the faux mercury glass pieces.

box lot auction buys 26

A large box lot of junk, some cool and some not so cool stuff.


box lot auction buys 27

A collector of World’s Fair stuff may want this bag.


box lot auction buys 28

Kids stuff and can you believe the jar of Silky Strate hair stuff? I threw it away. Yes, I forgot to mention there were a few items that went straight to the garbage can.

box lot auction buys 29

The black and white vase was cool too. I took it to the booth and it’s already sold. I priced everything really low because I had hardly anything in it. Already made my money back and in the plus column.

box lot auction buys 31

The box of Bacon’s Toothache Drops was in okay shape and the bottle had never been opened. I think a collector will buy this.

box lot auction buys 32

The two pedi things were kind of gross but someone will probably buy those too.

box lot auction buys 33

I bought this box lot because of the Poodle Salt and Pepper shakers.

box lot auction buys 34

There were actually several sets of salt and pepper shakers in the box. Oh yeah, I bought the box for the furniture feet too.

box lot auction buys 36

I really like these Indian S & P shakers. I think they were made in the 1930’s.

box lot auction buys 37

Aren’t these poodles cute? I didn’t see any chips or anything on them. I ended up taking them to my booth too but I may go get them…if they are still there.

box lot auction buys 38

Buddhas are good luck so I kept this one. This guy represents  Hotei, the laughing Buddha.

box lot auction buys 39

Did you notice the “Grow Your Own Millionaire” toy in the photo above? I just looked it up on Amazon for $13.99. I think I might have thrown it away. I will have to check my booth. I wouldn’t pay anything for it.

box lot auction buys 40

I may need the furniture feet in the future.

ornage teapot from my fav junk shop

Moving on to things from my favorite junk shop. I bought the pretty orange teapot for $5. You guys know I love orange and it’s coming up on Fall decorating season.

vintage metal box

I snagged the dark turquoise metal tackle box for $5.

ruler on metal tackle box

I think the JTS wants it. He couldn’t believe what good condition it was in.

vint;age metal tackle box

The inside has a bit of rust but not much. I don’t know what I’ll do with it besides just let it be pretty.

red and white pillow flea market find

Notice the red and white gingham pillow? I bought it at the Guthrie Flea Market for $8. I knew it would be perfect for the newly finished Navy and White Bedroom.

free mirror from Stacey

And here is the freebie from my Sister. I think I’ll add a board to the bottom and make a jewelry hanger out of it. Paint the frame and add pretty knobs to hang the jewelry.

Where you can find my favorite shop…..Butler’s Antiques, 17th and Walnut Street, Hopkinsville KY 42240,  phone no. (270)885-1521

Butlers is about 40 minutes from my home in the Clarksville area. From downtown Nashville the drive is about 1½ hours Store hours are Monday- Saturday, 9-5 or 6 depending on daylight hours and how busy the shop is. 

Mr. Raymond Butler is the shop owner. He has several sisters (Francis, Carrie, and Suzette) who work in the shop with him on various days.

You guys ready for the junk shop tour. Ms Suzette was having a bit of fun and is at the beginning of the video. The other sisters run when they see my coming with the camera. Click on the video below.

Butler’s Antiques Junk Shop Tour, Hopkinsville Kentucky

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As always thanks for being here and have a great day, Kathy

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  1. If I ever make it up to Kentucky I’d love to come by that shop – I think I could spend all day in there!

  2. Oh! that darling butter dish!….. lovely stuff and then I spotted the wind up Christmas tree – we have one exactly the same! Makes us laugh. You did so well with that lot.

  3. Oh my soul and body!…as my dear grandmother would say when she was amazed or surprised by something. You certainly made a haul, for sure, girl! What fun it must have been. Now you have to decide what to do with it all! I’m sure you’ll manage and I’ll be waiting to hear all the details!

    Thanks for sharing your treasures, Kathy!

  4. Love your poodle salt and pepper shakers – great buy! I like the 50s era furniture legs too. You did great buying all this good stuff!

  5. That must have been so much fun, sorting through all the boxed lots! Almost like opening Christmas or birthday gifts!

  6. I would love to buy the Worlds’s Fair tote bag! How much and can you ship it to S. Indiana?

  7. I have an orange tackle box just like the blue one you found. I use it to store all my makeup and toiletries. Love it!

  8. Kathy,
    Awesome box lot buys, those are my favorite at the auctions. Need to put the little wavy glass bottle with all the cool Halloween goodies. Every good witch needs melting potion for the bad witches around ! The branch hooks are great ! Loved the tool box also. Orange glass bottle is just in time for fall. What fun !