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15 Incredible Repurpose Ideas For Old Stuff

 I don’t know about you, but I have a bunch of old stuff or just plain old junk at my house cluttering up closets and drawers. Sometimes I toss the stuff out, sometimes I donate it, and sometimes I repurpose it. The repurposed solution is the best. It might surprise you what can be repurposed or reused. And you will be even more surprised at the makeovers.

1. Old Quilts

i love you sign made with reclaimed items

It’s sad but a lot of handmade vintage quilts are in bad shape because of age and use. We call those cutter quilts and they are great for craft projects. make a totally upcycled love sign using an old quilt, hardware, and horseshoes. 

2. Wood Rulers

wood ruler upcycle

Folding rulers are so cool. If the price is right, I buy them at flea markets and thrift stores. Cut them up for crafts or fold them into stars.

3. Door Knobs

repurposed door knobs (2)

If you don’t have old door knobs in your junk stash you can always find a few at your local thrift store, Habitat Restore, or flea market. The knobs look great shined up and displayed by themselves or sit them up and stick a few artificial flower stems inside. Display on a vintage toaster.

4. Drawer Pulls And Skeleton Keys

Who doesn’t need a magnet…or a dozen. Go through your junk drawer and grab anything smallish, lightweight, and eye-catching. Glue a magnet to the backside and hang.

DIY Magnets Made With Vintage Keys And Old Hardware

5. Silver Plate Goblets

silver plate recycle, make a candle
silver plate recycle, make a candle

Have you tried your hand at making candles? You know they are one of the most popular home decor accessories. Purchase candle making supplies at your local craft store, find a silver plate goblet, cup, or bowl at the thrift store and get busy.

How To Make A Silver Plate Goblet Candle

6. Liquor Bottles And Caps

spray painted and dry-brushed glass decanters

Some liquor brands get really creative with their bottles. Snag a few at the recycle center and spray paint them along with the glass stoppers. They make beautiful vases.

Spray Paint Glass Bottles Then Dry-Brush With White Paint

7. Curtain Tie-Backs

farm fresh sign with tieback holder

Curtain tie-backs used to be all the rage but not so much anymore. Well, maybe in big fancy schmancy homes. Often the tie-backs have screws already attached to the back. Screw them into the wall or existing wall decor then hang something.

DIY Kitchen Wall Sign | Thrift Store Decor

8. Outdated Cloth Calendars

upcycle an outdated calendar

I love the old cloth calenders with the full year displayed along with a beautiful design. Often the colors are bold, which is right up my alley. Find a cool frame and frame a cloth calendar. 

Upcycle Idea For Colorful Fabric Calendars

9. Belts

four special paint techniques

What can you say about belts, except you can use them in soooo many ways. Add them to boxes as handles, wrap them around glass containers to make cool vases, or strap a bunch around a chair seat for a cool look. 

How To Make Paint Look Old Using Waxes And Toners

10. Chandeliers

repurpose an old chandelier

Old chandeliers with the wiring and light bulb attachments removed make great outdoor lighting when you add led candles to the bulb spots or add decorative items that speak to you.

Brass Chandelier Upcycle Project Idea | Red White Blue DIY

11. Broken Jewelry

old jewelry repurpose

Jewelry with missing stones and broken chains can be used to decorate glass bottles, bookmarks, vases, and more. Vintage jewelry is the best for these projects. More character! 

How To Hydrodip Glass Bottles

12. Kitchen Ware

repurposed water dipper flower planter idea
repurposed water dipper flower planter idea

You can repurpose all types of pots, pans, lids, etc. as plant containers or trays. The options are limitless. Pot a succulent in an old water dipper or use a tea kettle to display a pretty geranium. 

My DIY Recycled Flower Pot Ideas

13. Old Linens

How To Make A Burlap And Vintage Linens Garland

Use old linens to make cloth garlands. This DIY is so easy you can get the kids involved. Old lace, cloth calendars, burlap, and sheets are all great items for this project.

How To Make A Vintage Linens Garland

14. More Repurpose Ideas

Use Unique Items to Make DIY Wreaths
DIY Wreath IdeasThese upcycled can vases are a knock-off of popular West Elm vases, which are very pricy. You don’t have to get fancy. Just spray paint them without the crinkles!

Recycle all kinds of items into door wreaths.

15. Teriffic Upcycling Ideas

repurpose aluminum cans into vases

11 Repurpose Ideas For Things You Normally Toss In The Recycle Bin Or Garbage

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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