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Selecting A Brown Master Bedroom Paint Color And Decorating Ideas

Today is reveal day for our brown master bedroom. It has taken me a few months to finish the new decor but it’s all done, at least for now. We are in love with the totally new look. When I mentioned painting the bedroom brown some of you were questioning the color. Maybe because you know I love bold colors or maybe because brown sounds like a drab color for a bedroom, or maybe because earth tones are not “in”, or maybe you just don’t care for brown!

When It came time to decorate the room you will be more than surprised at my color inspiration. I’m anxious to see if you like the brown color we selected for the walls and I can’t wait to hear from you….even if you don’t care for the color leave me a note please. Tomorrow or later this week you get to see how we selected the paint color and I’ll even give you the formula for my custom bedroom wall color.

paint the master bedroom brown and decorate room in shades of white (2)

Our master bedroom is kind of small and it’s hard to get one photo of the entire room. The picture above was taken from the hall doorway into the bedroom. When looking at the photos keep in mind that I took them at different times of the day….some with flash and some without…..some with my small point and shoot camera and some with my big camera. The walls may look lighter in some photos than others. Just a heads up. In the photo above you can see the external flash for the camera. You may see things other than decor items sitting on the dresser or nightstands just because I didn’t notice they were there or didn’t take the time to straighten everything before grabbing the camera.

master bedroom before makeover

I have a couple of pictures of the bedroom before the makeover. My son and I painted the walls this soft green color about 20 years ago while the hubby was stationed in South Korea. Even though I picked the green color I have never really liked it. The green is more of a minty color in the cool family instead of a warm earthtone.

bedroom before painting and decorating makeover (2)

I decorated and re-decorated the bedroom numerous times trying to like the color and feel of the green room. I finally gave up and as you can tell from the photo above I just let the room be. So glad we finally got around to painting and totally re-decorating the bedroom because I love the new warm, cozy vibe.

creamy white dresser looks great agains brown walls (3)

As I go through the reveal I will point out most of the decor items and tell you if they are new and where I purchased them or if they are some of my junkin’ finds. You guys probably saw the dresser makeover in an earlier post. If not you can see it here. I paid $35 for the dresser. After painting it with my custom white paint color and adding new knobs the dresser was perfect for the bedroom I sold the black and gold chest it replaced and so far I’m more than $100 to the good on the bedroom furniture.

how to decorate the master bedroom (2)

I found another lamp shade at a local flea market and am in the process of changing it up a bit. We will see if it looks better than the present lampshade. The mirror was $45 at a local thrift/furniture store. This was not exactly what I had in mind but it does look good over the dresser. Maybe I’ll run across something in my junkin’ adventures that I like better. I would like a leaning mirror similar to these at Anthropologie but I’m not paying that price. Those are just a tad fancy for me too. You can the  leaning mirror look here on my Pinterest board.

how to decorate a master bedroom with vintage items and new decor (3)

I bought the vintage turquoise clock longer ago than I can remember. Don’t know what I paid for it. The faux orchid came from T.J. Maxx or Marshalls and I think it was on sale for less than $4. Everyone needs a stack of magazines in the bedroom. A Maker’s Guide by Amy Howard is one of my favorite books. Amy is a savvy business woman and I refer to her book often.

hang straw hats as wall decor

The large brown candleholder came from Burkes. The hat which is a whimsical touch is one I bought at T.J. Maxx to wear when we went to the beach. It looks better on the wall. I’m not really a hat person.

paint interior walls brown to add warmth to rooms

The pottery piece is chipped on the top backside and came from my favorite junk shop. The small brown bottle is one of my DIY’s. You might notice I hung a beaded necklace on the top corner of the wall mirror. Those little touches add so much.

IMG_1257 (4)

I try all kinds of items going for different looks when decorating a space. I placed the turquoise bag filled with artificial yellow flowers on the dresser and it stayed there for a few days. I’m using turquoise accents in the room and I kind-of still like the looks of the bag on the dresser. What do you guys think? Turquoise bag or brass candlestick?

install a ceiling fan in bedrooms for help with cooling

The wall to the left of the dresser is still a work in progress. I have several items I’m thinking about adding to the wall but I need to edit out some of them and decide what works. The brown master bedroom came together slowly, from the paint job to the decor. We actually painted the room in April. The new ceiling fan is awesome and so different looking from the 40 year old fan that was in the bedroom. I’ll share more on the fan when I post about the paint color and painting the room.

paint the master bedroom brown and decorate room in shades of white (3)

The white bedding came from the PX (post exchange) and the set with comforter and two pillow shams was $20. It was on sale. What a deal. The comforter is lightweight and I like that a lot. I had picked up a white comforter set at Walmart and couldn’t decide if I liked it or not when I accidentally found this one. I returned the Walmart set and saved a few dollars.

how to decorate a brown master bedroom with white furniture and vintage decor

The white comforter is sooooo soft. Now I just have to keep it stain free. No more putting luggage and the likes on the bedding. The dust ruffle is part of the old bedding set from Dillard’s and the color works well with the new decor. Remember to try to work with what you already have.

hang wall decor over the bed as a focal point (2)

I also re-painted my old nightstands with the custom white color paint. The pair of lamps came from At Home store as did the tufted headboard. The headboard was $159 and the pair of lamps were $40.

master bedroom with white bedding (2)

I painted the vintage architectural piece above the bed and you can see it here. The pillow also came from At Home and was on sale for $7. The tassels make the little pillow look expensive.

tissue box colors were inspiration for new room decor

The decor color inspiration came from…..a tissue box…..really. The tissue box was sitting on the nightstand in the newly painted bedroom and the colors got my attention. I really wanted to go with a slightly beachy or cottagey feel in the bedroom and those colors were calling my name. I was excited when I spotted that little tasseled pillow because the colors were so similar to my “inspiration box”.

master bedroom furniture painted creamy white with custom paint color (2)

The glass turquoise knobs from Hobby Lobby help carry out the light cottagey feel. The turquoise color also looks great against the white paint. As you can see from the photo above I continue to move  decor items from place to place in the bedroom.

brown bedroom walls and brown and white curtains

Everyone remembers the piano stool I painted and re-covered in a pretty fabric to match the room decor, right? The stool is  our clothes catchall and the seat lifts up for just a bit of hidden storage.

add a footstool or bench to the bedroom as a clothes catchall (2)

The full length mirror on the wall next to our tiny master bathroom was an auction buy the JTS made. The pretty frame looks better than the thin black framed mirror that hung in that spot previously.

paint the master bedroom brown and decorate with shades of white

The curtains are from Walmart. When I started curtain shopping a few months ago most of the stores were closed. I don’t like ordering things like curtains online because I can’t feel the texture or see the color in person. I bought 3 or 4 curtain sets and brought them home. Even though the brown and white curtains were not exactly what I was looking for I think they work. And the price was only $10 a panel so $40 plus tax. No way you can beat that.

I used my old wood curtain rods with the wood dowels so I saved money there too. That’s about it for the room reveal. I know some of you are waiting for the “selecting the color” post. Hopefully this week. We are going through the house one room at a time, painting and redecorating. You can see guest bedroom 1 makeover here and guest bedroom makeover 2 here and bedroom 2 re-makeover, lol.

For those commenting on the white comforter it is not as glaring as it looks in the photos……..or maybe I’m just used to looking at it. I have been on the hunt for a rich color turquoise blanket or throw for the end of the bed. I just haven’t found what I’m looking for.

The picture below from 2 Bees In A Pod has a beautiful teal throw on the end of the bed and I love it. I just ran across the bedroom photo this past week on Instagram and fell in love with the whole room. The teal blanket is darker than what I’m looking for but you get the idea.

2beesinapod Teal-Master-Bedroom-Refresh

source: 2 Bees in a Pod

Vicki and Jennifer love home interior decorating and it shows. I’ve met the mother and daughter team and they are sweet as can be too.

update: I finally wrote the post about creating the brown color and you can find the paint formula here.

Brown Master Bedroom Makeover Idea

Brown Master Bedroom Makeover

Don’t forget to leave me a note with your thoughts on our brown master bedroom. Thanks for being here and have a great day, Kathy

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. OMG! My same thoughts! The only element I didn’t care for were the curtains, and for the same reason! I would like to see some gauzy off white curtains instead,either solid, or subtle stripes. I would but that basket of flowers on the floor, and even add a couple more turquoise accents.

  2. Love the new bedroom! Brown color is luscious. My vote is for the candlestick lamp on the dresser. Very classy look:) Your hard work has paid off?

  3. LOVE the brown but what brand and color is it? You have now inspired me to do brown walls and white furniture in my bedroom!

  4. I like the brass over the turquoise bag! You’ve sold me on brown walls overall! Didn’t think I would be convinced! The one thing I think you can keep looking for are the curtains. You did such a wonderful job updating the look of your room, and to me, the curtains seem to “date” the room all over again. I think it’s the bold lattice pattern. Great job though!!!

  5. What really caught my eye on the from 2 Bees In A Pod photo were the heavy vases above the bed. They’re obviously not in California. An earthquake in the middle of the night can end up in terrible tragedy when one of those crashes on your head

  6. Kathy, I LOVE the brown walls and white furniture! I love the way the whole room came out. I think the candlestick lamp is perfect for fall/winter and the teal bag for spring/summer.

  7. I like the brown walls. They’re warm and soft. Who cares if other people don’t like brown. Ust the color you like. Turgoise accents look good with brown, too. Love the piano bench fabric. I think you put a lot of thought into accessories and how everything looks together. Good job!

  8. You did a great job. It’s so much better than that minty green! I didn’t think I would like the brown, but it works with the white accents. My favorite part is the architectural find over the bed. I like the turquoise bag with yellow flowers because it brightens up that area, however maybe you can find a larger white lamp. I would have hung the curtains higher so the trim isn’t covered up, and even though I’m not a fan of Walmart, those curtains look nice. The walls are well-appointed and don’t need anything else. I’m a member of some design groups on Facebook and so often I see every bit of wall space covered with cheap tchotchkes and it looks terrible. I love Joanna Gaines, but I blame her! Lol.

  9. Super swish, super cool. Love the new ceiling light too. The warm cocoa brown is just so relaxing. I think this is one of your best ever. Totally love it.

  10. A twin comforter is the perfect size for using at the foot of a queen bed. Folded in thirds, it adds some height. Also, because twin bedding is often on sale, you’re likely to find a bargain. I’d choose a colorful print with touches of turquoise, yellow, white and, maybe orange or green. It would brighten up the space and be the unexpected. I agree with taller bedside lamps. I love the dresser, curtains, and bedding. I can tell you put a lot of thought into your choices. Enjoy your new room, whatever you do!

  11. Hello! Love the brown room with white furniture. Prefer the brass candlestick on the dresser, but a fan of changing things out, so could mix it up if you like. Instead of figuring out what “works” on the wall in progress, why not a couple of longish floating shelves you can lean and stack photos etc on? Allows you to have more without looking cluttered and no assortment of holes in the wall. We have used turquoise as an accent here and there as well. Might recommend a turquoise IKEA tub for your laundry catchall. Can sit on the piano bench or in bathroom, . . . or carry to or from laundry. Just a thought!

  12. Love the look you created–and normally, I would not go for brown but it is not dark and looks very fun. Personally, I love the pops of turquoise…but my most favorite item is the architectural piece over the bed. Just wonderful! Thanks fo sharing…

  13. I really like your updates in your bedroom. I’ve got a crush on brown myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Love the dramatic brown! Multi lighting is so important and the brass lamp looks great on dresser. The yellow flowers in the basket are also lovely, but on the dresser they are too close in height to the large brown candle holder. How would it look sitting on the floor next to the bench, a little filler to the space under your framed photos? I feel the most important thing you could do to heighten the room, would be to put the bedside lamps on risers, or get taller lamps. They would be at a better reading height as well. Just my thoughts.

    Bottom line is, it does look wonderful as it is. Great job and thank you for sharing!!

  15. The room looks great! I have always loved Brown and White together and the Turquoise accents really pop. I definitely think a Turquoise or Teal blanket or Throw at the end of the bed will be the final touch.

  16. Brown is one of my favorite colors. My long living room wall is brown as is my kitchen, dining room. and one bathroom. My whole house has earth tone colors. My favorites of all time. I love the look of your bedroom and also the curtains. You did a great job. My choice for the dresser is the brass candlestick.

  17. I love it! The color does exactly what you want it to do-make the room cozy and warm. I like the white comforter because it keeps things in the room light and airy. Way to go!!

  18. I was not a fan of the brown originally but after it’s all out together I love it! I like the lamp on the dresser better than the basket of flowers. Turquoise on the bed will look amazing (and maybe turquoise drapes)

  19. I love the wall color. That’s actually like the color of have ion our new utility/bathroom too. I would go with the turquoise bag on the dresser. I think the white comforter is very nice too. I would keep that but like you said adding a throw at the bottom will be nice. My bedroom looks very similar to yours.

  20. I would have been a naysayer about the brown but think you had a good creative vision and now I’m a believer. It’s warm and beautiful! A turquoise throw on the bed will really add a punch of bright color and bring it all together. Looove the dresser! Great job!

  21. Love your make over. I don’t mind the white comforter, but maybe colorful pillow shams and something colorful across the foot of the bed would break up so much white on the bed. That being said, your room looks great.

  22. For me there’s nothing more classic than robbin’s egg blue and a chocolate brown. I like your idea of searching for a blue throw for the end of the bed. Love it!

  23. I like the candlestick lamp on the dresser MUCH better than the turquois bag with the yellow flowers. The bedroom is very warm and inviting. I do agree with Patricia that the white comforter is a little too bright but it looks OK. Nice room!!!!

  24. I absolutely love the wall color! Your turquoise accents look great in this room. I would go with the turquoise bag with flowers on your dresser instead of the brass lamp. Looks great!

  25. I really love it!! The brown and turquoise blue look great together. The only thing I think that is a little too “bright” ( I don’t know how to describe it) is the pure white comforter. Do you think a turquoise, cream, or brown one might work better?