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24 Thrift Store Items You Can Spray Paint In Just Minutes

Spray paint projects are fun because you get almost instantaneous results! You can spray paint a lamp or mirror in no time flat. Spray paint dries fast too. You can complete a project and have it sitting on your table or hanging on a wall in a couple of hours.

Spray Paint These Thrift Store Finds

distress white paint

You might have a few things at home that need spray painting. If not you can find all kinds of things at your local thrift store, flea market, or junk shop that needs a quick update.

Wall Decor

spray paint thrift store mirrors and make designer wall decor (2)

There are all kinds of decor to hang on the wall at the thrift store. Most of it has an old outdated finish and needs to be modernized.


spray paint a thrift store mirror
spray paint a thrift store mirror

Mirrors are perfect for spray painting. A lot of old mirrors you find at thrift stores have that dark aged look to them and no one wants that. Find a mirror I spray painted metallic here..Best Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint Colors For Home Decor

Vintage Wall Plaques

Thrift Store Decor To Paint

I find a lot of old Home Interiors plastic wall decor at the thrift store. These plaques were gold and white; I spray painted them solid white and then distressed the paint. 

Metal and Wood Numbers

Quickly Spray Paint These Thrift Store Finds For An Easy Update
Quickly Spray Paint These Thrift Store Finds For An Easy Update

The number wall decor was a fun project. I spray painted all those numbers then attached them to the whiteboard using Dap glue. Find the project here….Decorative Wall Art | Hammer And Nails Not Required

Picture Frames

paint picture frames white and pink

I can’t tell you the number of photo frames I’ve painted. It must be hundreds by now. I like white frames the best but I also like to try the new spray paint colors when they come out. 


spray paint a lamp and decorate the shade with sisal rope

You can always find lamps at the thrift store, or if you are like me the lamps you have at home are out of date and can use a coat of paint.

Table Lamps

spray paint a lamp base Petticoat Junktion

Hey, this brass lamp makeover was super easy! I purchased this lamp for $4.95. I decided to paint it a pretty blue and change out the lamp in the “granddaughters” bedroom. All I did to prep the lamp was cover the top of the bulb socket with painter’s tape and wrap the cord in a plastic bag. Then I sprayed it with two coats of blue paint and it was dry in under an hour.

Thrift Store Lamp Shade

spray paint a brass lamp and add an Ikea lamp shade Petticoat Junktion project

I also found the lamp shade at the thrift store for $1.95. I purchased the shade a few months ago. I bought it because of the price and knew I would eventually use it. At first, I thought it was a Pottery Barn lampshade, but after a little googling, I discovered it was from Ikea. I love the embroidery and the colors.

Jar Lids


There are many things you can do with jar lids and rings. Spray paint the lids and make snowmen ornaments

Night Lights

spray paint a rooster lamp

I think of the rooster light as a nightlight. The bulb is too small to put out much light. The photo above with the blue paint is how I found the light. You can find the makeover here…..4 Farmhouse Style Chicken Decor Projects | Something To Cluck About


repurpose an old chandelier

Old chandeliers, whether they have hanging crystal beads, glass details, or cloth shades look great painted. Candles or LED lights can turn the old light fixtures into garden or patio decor. 


spray paint a silver plate organizer

You can repurpose many thrift store items into bathroom counter organizers, dresser organizers, or kitchen catchalls.

Kitchen Display Or Food Stands

DIY cookie stand from thrift store finds makes a great gift

Spray paint a candleholder and glue a dish or platter to it to make a cute cookie platter. Or you can use the stand to hold fresh fruit or limes. Project here…..Make A Decorative DIY Cookie Stand | Thrift Store Decor

Jewelry Box

spray paint a tool box and make it a jewelry box

I spray painted an old fishing box, or it might have been a toolbox. It was metal and the spray paint covered it well. See it here….Repurposed Tool Box Becomes A Jewelry Box


spray paint a dresser top organizer

I like using trays to organize stuff on my dresser or on the bathroom counter. I left part of the tray the original copper color for this dresser top organizer. It makes a great contrast to the turquoise paint. 

Cookbook Holder

spray painted cookbook holder

Find a large metal or wood type container just the right size to hold cookbooks and paint it a pretty color…..Thrift Store Decor: Painted And Distressed CookBook Organizer

Metal Chairs


I painted these metal chairs and then covered the seats with furry fabric. Find them here….How To Paint A Metal Vanity Chair And Re-Cover The Seat

Wood Chairs

Spray paint a chair
Spray paint a chair

You might remember this metallic gold chair I just painted a couple of weeks ago to match a navy blue desk with a colorful transfer on the drawers. The metallic spray paint covered the wood so well. No complaints….Spray Paint A Chair Soft Metallic Gold

Table Centerpiece

metallic color table centerpiece

Another metallic spray paint project is the tiered centerpiece I painted a number of years ago. Table Centerpiece


how to spray paint a decorative clock

This cute decorative clock was a super easy project and the distressing is just right….Spray Paint A Clock White And Distress The Paint


thrift store tic tac toe game to paint

The wood tic tac toe game is a great piece but I wasn’t feeling the dark wood so I painted it….Tic Tac Toe Game Makeover

Ceramic Owl Figurines

thrift store owls to paint
thrift store owls to paint

You can find all kinds of ceramic, glass, and brass figurines at the thrift store. I like to get a grouping of them and spray paint them all the same color. It makes a nice display….Paint Owl Figurines White

Metal Buckets

copper color flower pot

I painted a metal bucket then distressed it to look old and aged…Why Paint Your Flower Pot With Metallic Copper Spray Paint


spray painted basket

This seashell basket project is really an old one. I love decorating with seashells. After painting the basket, I glued the shells on and added sisal rope to the mix…..Decorate A Basket With Seashells | Coastal Decor Idea

Miscellaneous Items

how to have a spray paint party

When I spray paint home decor items I do a bunch at one time. I round up stuff in the workshop and in my house that I want to paint the same color. Then I lay them all out on a board or drop cloth outside and start painting. Work smarter, not harder. Find the post where I painted all of this stuff at once here….How To Spray Paint Home Decor White

Author: Kathy Owen
Kathy Owen is the founder of the home decor blog Petticoat Junktion where she shares tutorials on painting furniture and upcycling thrifty finds into unique home décor. Her DIY projects have been featured on the Home Depot Blog, Plaid Crafts, Behr Designer Series, and in numerous magazines. Kathy’s newest website is HappyHomeDIY.com

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  1. I’ve spray painted most of these items too! My kids tease me about how much I use spray paint!! 🙂